Pre-deployment party - thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bandsawman, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. We have a young relative who will be going on his first tour later this year, and we want to give him a surprise send-off party (just family and close friends). We will be wanting to print invites and also have a banner at the venue but, not having any military experience ourselves, the question to the forum is: what sort of wording should we use for the party description and the banner - "Bon Voyage", "Good Luck", ...?

  2. "Get some"?
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  3. "Keep your head down"
  4. "Anticipate a sudden drop in height"
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  5. I'm guessing you're lukewarm on "Gooks in the wire" then?
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  6. I always preferred to have a piss up on return from ops!

    Pre-deployment events have a danger of becoming a wake..
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  7. I agree
    save it to mark his safe return.
    However, if you choose to ignore the advice and have the Wake, sorry send off, then "God's Speed" often does the trick.
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  8. A bit like holding a wake for your terminally ill grandmother whilst she awaits the inevitable in A Staffordshire hospital ward. Friends and relatives may get a bit maudlin, especially as alcohol has excellent depressive properties.
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Jesus you're a bunch of melodramatic *****.

    The bloke might only be an RAF slop jockey who's gonna be spending the next 6 months in a tent in Bastion.

    Take him out for a massive curry, then hit a titty bar.

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  10. Thanks to all for your advice - we've decided to save the party for his return.
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  11. Good plan- just get him a hooker.
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  12. Whoa there Ravers! That would be 4 months for us RAF types. Far more civilised! You'll be having us on top cover duties next!
  13. I would still take him out for a curry and a few beers though.
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