Pre-deployment party - thoughts?

We have a young relative who will be going on his first tour later this year, and we want to give him a surprise send-off party (just family and close friends). We will be wanting to print invites and also have a banner at the venue but, not having any military experience ourselves, the question to the forum is: what sort of wording should we use for the party description and the banner - "Bon Voyage", "Good Luck", ...?

I always preferred to have a piss up on return from ops!

Pre-deployment events have a danger of becoming a wake..
I agree
save it to mark his safe return.
However, if you choose to ignore the advice and have the Wake, sorry send off, then "God's Speed" often does the trick.
A bit like holding a wake for your terminally ill grandmother whilst she awaits the inevitable in A Staffordshire hospital ward. Friends and relatives may get a bit maudlin, especially as alcohol has excellent depressive properties.


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Whoa there Ravers! That would be 4 months for us RAF types. Far more civilised! You'll be having us on top cover duties next!
Quite right...or winning medals leading bayonet charges at the ungodly shooting at you...'ave a word!
Also honoured are Sergeant Roy Geddes, 43, from the RAF Regiment, and Corporal Kurt Lee, also from the RAF.

The pair battled insurgents when they attacked Camp Bastion in September last year, where Prince Harry was serving his tour of duty as an Apache gunner.

Sgt Geddes, from Elgin, Monmouthshire, receives the Military Cross after it is said he "breathed fire into the spirit of his men" when Camp Bastion was attacked.

He fought on despite being wounded in the knee after one of his vehicles was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.

Sgt Geddes is only the second member of the RAF to receive the MC for action in Afghanistan

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