Pre D-Day Commando raids

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by spaz, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. I read this online and found it quite interesting, it was supplied without sources. I'm interested to hear of any other raids like this, I have tried searching for more information on this to no avail. Any thoughts?

  2. Commando?

    Or Battle Picture Library?
  3. It does read a little like that, I don't want to dismiss it offhand as I have no idea who wrote it. It was a time when many people where doing extraordinary things but I find it a little strange I have never heard of these types of raids before D-Day.
  4. Hello spaz,

    this bit sounds amiss :

    "three engined Albatros D.Va Mk. 8, (night variant) fighters armed with the new FuG 218".

    This picture is an Albatros D.Va in the First World War.


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  5. Seen don't think that has three engines either, there seems to be a problem with the timeline also. Inserting on the morning of the 3rd lying up for the day then the invasion going in the next day on the 6th? Although could be a simple mistake.
  6. Having done a bit of reading I think its safe to assume that this is a load of balls. Just out of interest, the airfield at Carpiquet was held by around 150 Hitler youth before being captured around D+7 by the Canadians, I can't find any information about the airfield being used for purpose.
  7. NO German Night Fighters units were stationed in the region (either Gruppen, or Staffellen strength)
    Nor were there any flights.
    No three engined type was employed by the Luftwaffe, as a Night fighter.
    Oh BTW the Radar set "FuG 218" is a Non starter either.

    Now lets think about a "minor" point, These men "knew" about the impending invasion. Would they REALLY have inserted two "Bigots" to blob it was coming, with a operationally meaningful lead time?
  8. I think you may be seriously underestimating Sergeant Mike "Huff" Huffingham and Corporal Charlie Minshull. :wink:
  9. True Spaz :salut:
    In that spirit, i bet you have put your life savings in to Bank Shares too! :x
  10. No mate I found this here on Rocknet

    Listed as RAF REGT Special Operations-This is the place that documents the history of the Regiment that has never been made known.

    I believe the site is trying to pass this off as part of their history rather than mentioning all the rocks that landed on various beaches in support of D-Day. They just can't help themselves I suppose.
  11. FuG 218 might be some form of Artillery?
  12. As no verification, ie source of the claims, is given I think we can put this down to over excited decapods.
    Cue howls of outrage (But no proof, I bet.) from the usual suspects. :twisted:
  13. Shouldn't this be in the "Rockapes what are they like" thread, along with their new super warry ad campaign.............................................................

    I believe on the way out of france, as they ghost walked through the paras in the rear, advancing to the fight the rockapes had started and almost finished, they rescued (From a german castle stronghold) two emminent french/swiss engineers who's technical knowledge was the starting point for the RAF christmas tree ornaments and cuckoo clocks we see today

    LEGENDS, every man an emperor....................
  14. The aircraft and radar type just doesn't work...... world war one fighters with an extra couple of engines and a radar fitted..... no wonder they were stopped with a rifle. very odd indeed.