Pre-CC Briefing

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Blewitt, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. What fitness is required, the joining instructions state something about this. What is tested? Done the MSFT et al. too many times now, it's getting too much. WOrd.
  2. I'm fairly sure if you trawl through the RMAS thread in the sticky you'll find this topic has been gone over again and again. There might also be some relavent threads just hanging around from weeks/months ago.
  3. Did you just write 'word'?
  4. I was going to comment on that, but my comment was "wtf?" which on reflection was just as bad, so I thought better of it.
  5. I seem to remember from some far off lecture that it is the same as the RMAS entry standards which you should have recieved after you passed the RCB/AOSB.
  6. Visit for some of the details about PCCBC. The rest of the RMAS information you might need is on there too.

    As for fitness - you will undertake the standard PFT. The pass standard for those aged less than 30 is:

    Press Ups - 44 (m) / 21 (f)

    Sit Ups - 50 / 50

    1.5 mile run: 10:30 / 13:00

    The run is done in trainers, and follows a 0.5 mile squadded warm up. 10:30 is really quite slow, so if you think you're borderline it may be time to start banging out the miles - but - don't overdo it. It's preferable not to turn up injured having thrashed yourself for weeks in advance. The physical tests are primarily aimed at identifying to you areas you may wish to address, but are useful in picking out anyone of particularly high risk.
  7. Ok...thanks boys...v helpful.This is a great site, is it not? I did write 'word', and yes, 'wtf' is just as bad....