Pre-Captivity Stockholm Syndrome?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. This appeared on Michael Yon's blog and I found it sufficiently amazing to post here.

  2. Strange shit. Maybe it's all the ganga she's been smokin.

    The institutional reaction to Wilders pointing out how strange it is is only to be expected.
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Didn't they make a porn film about this,
  4. I certainly found it distasteful that he was criticising a rape victim for not having his idea of a 'proper' reaction. Then to use her situation for political gain is even lower.
  5. I still can't get my head around idiots going to dangerous places when they have been told they will be very much on their own if shi'ite happens then expecting to be bailed out by their Govt.

    How very dense.

  6. I was on stag at the Precision Factory in GV in 98 when a young couple ambled up the road. I thought it was just locals coming to ask for work as usual but as they got closer I realised they were dressed differently.

    Next thing the bloke asked in an Aussie accent where the local cemetery was as his girlfriend was researching her ancestors. I told him where it was and told him on no account to take a short-cut or step off the hard standing.

    Less than an hour later they returned having found the cemetery and took a few snaps.They then asked to get a few pics with me at the sangar. I told them I didnt think they should be walking around Bosnia on their own and that they should get out pronto.It was without doubt one of the most bizarre experiences Ive ever had and I used to wonder what happened to them.Hopefully they made it out of there ok,the naive fools.

    PS The bird? Yes,very tidy.
  7. From: EU blog directory | Nosemonkey's EUtopia

    The Brussels Journal
    - Describes itself as “The Voice of Conservatism in Europe”, and often reads like a parody of the US Republican Party (in fact, when it first launched I thought it was a spoof). Obsessed with “islamification”, “dhimmitude” and non-white immigration, seemingly convinced that every European government is part of some vast left-wing conspiracy, and often the very personification of “Europhobe”, it would be easy to dismiss The Brussels Journal were it not for its knack for spotting stories everyone else has missed, and its impressive readership – boosted by multiple links from right-wing US blog networks.
  8. In 1998? Assuming that they followed your excellent advice not to step off the hard standing, they will have been fine.
  9. Yes, 1998.

    Would you be happy for your 20-23 year old daughter and her similarly aged boyfriend to wander around Bosnia, looking like extras from The Beach, these days,never mind back then?

    I certainly wouldnt.

    PS I was on an Engr Regt Mine Awareness Team that went round the local schools so the hard-standing stuff was well drummed into me :)
  10. You really have to wonder at the ideological mindset, and cultural self-loathing that informs this stupid woman's thinking. Unfortunately, said thinking is all too common on Continental Europe. It's the reductio ad absurdum of Political Correctness. I have to ask if kidnapping and multiple rape does not make the Taliban monsters in Joanie de Rijke's worldview, then what does?
  11. wot nobody has stuck the piccy up asking the question, would you ?


    ...maybe with me having the blindfold
  12. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not necessarily gg, whilst I am firmly on the side of rape is evil and the bastards should be locked up for all eternity I find this case quite interesting due to the stance that she is taking not actually being that uncommon - certainly amongst rape and child abuse survivors. More often than not, in my experience, it has been those women with fervent religious convictions (most often deeply Christian in the cases I have met with) that have been unyeildingly forgiving of the perpertrator of their violation. Frustatingly so for someone looking at it from the outside.

    I would not say it is necessarily a "Pre-Stockholm Syndrome", I actually find that smacks of intellectual laziness and psychiatric ignorance on the part of the authors. Ideological Convictions play a massive role in the minds defence responses to traumatic acts, both in the intitial and long term stages, moreover this can also be inherently contradictory as time progresses, how a human deals with such traumas is not always clear cut.

    With regard to Wilders involvement with this issue, I fear he cares less for the victim's sanity and status than he does for using the incident to further his own agenda. Is he this emphatic about rape victims whose defilers were good white Dutch Boys one wonders? His words say one thing but the sub-text screams that little bit louder.

    In regards to the reactions of the Parliamentarians who are shouting him down, they are doing so becuase he is Wilders and the inevitable sub-text that his words contain. To paraphrase Wilders: he condemns the rape, he condemns the rapist - all things we can agree with, and a rather clever and pertinent approach by him yet underneath the bubbling vitriol of his exclusive ideology.

    Unfortunately the actions of both parties and reporters are doing no good for either the victim or indeed bringing the perpretrators to any form of justice. This incident is just one of many that is used to justify or advance an ideological postion, I don't think they care about the woman at all.

    On her part, she was damnably naive and foolish to behave they way she did, and what happened to her, although not inevitable, is unsurprising. Her reactions and behaviour afterwards, and there is not much to go on by this article (I haven't read any interviews or other press regarding this case) seem indicative of deeper underlying issues that are going to resurface for her over the years. She is holding on to her Ideological Convictions as they are now the only real point of certainty in a world which has been ripped open.

    "All is for the best, in the best of all possible worlds"
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    For the price of a brew and a packet of custard creams I would
  14. Is it possible to award a Terry Waite Attitude Training Medal this far in arrears?

  15. Price of a brew and custard creams walt!

    Edited toadd: you would do it for the change from the price of a brew and a packet of cussy creams.