pre-budget info from GNN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Poppy, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. I really should stop looking at this website:

    ........These settlements, along with efficiency and effectiveness improvements, provide resources for:

    * the Home Office to lead more effectively the cross Government effort to reduce the risk of international terrorism in the UK;

    * delivering the new crime strategy with a stronger focus on serious violence and more freedom and flexibility for local partners and the frontline;

    * investment of over £11million per year by 2010-11 to establish a new National Fraud Strategic Authority, Lead Police Force and National Fraud Reporting Centre to strengthen our efforts in tackling fraud;

    * a robust approach to serious and violent offenders with 9,500 new prison places, of which 8,500 will be in place by 2012;

    * delivering the new alcohol strategy focusing on the groups which cause the most harm and a new drugs strategy to be published in April 2008 to improve prevention and treatment;

    * investment in neighbourhood policing to ensure it is embedded across the country, enabling forces to better respond to local concerns, increase intelligence and build up trust; and

    * managed migration, harnessing its benefits whilst further securing our borders with increased investment in a new e-Borders system to count people in and out of the country and implementation of a new points-based migration system that will ensure Britain gets the skilled migrants it needs for economic growth...........

    has the government only just thought of this???
  2. " a new e-Borders system to count people in and out of the country"

    so its going to be like a football stadium with turnstiles to enter and exit? Also, are we going to get people to crawl out of ISO containers and Trucks at the ports so they can book themselves in?

    I have never heard so much wiffle.... outside of my last O group anyway
  3. New day, same old bullsh1t... :evil:
  4. These pearls of wisdom probably came from a government "think tank" and parts of it may even be implemented (albeit shoddily) within the next 1 to 2 decades :roll:
  5. I think most of there recommendations in the Pre-Budget Report came from a "think tank" locally known in Westminster as the Tory Party! The joys of "One Party Politics".