Pre-Briefing paperwork

Hello everyone,

I have searched on the forum but have not found an answer to my question, so my apologies if this has been asked before.

I am due to take my briefing next week, and am yet to receive any paperwork through the post. I was emailed the following documents a month ago:

MAP Briefing Booklet (MAP preparation)
Briefing Outline
Travel Form Monday Briefing

I have completed and returned the required forms and the Briefing Office has confirmed receipt of the documents. However, since that email a month ago, I have heard nothing from them.

I have various questions that I hoped they would address, such as whether to bring casual clothing for the night spent at Westbury. Am I meant to have received extra paperwork before next week, with more detailed instructions? Do I need to ring Westbury and request it?

Thanks for reading.
Hi t444,

I recently completed my Briefing and the paperwork you mention above is all I received so I don't think you're missing anything.
With regards to clothing, you wear in the evening what you wear during the day i.e. a suit. Everything they mention on the JI is all you need. The only thing which came as a surprise is that you do all the phys in a boiler suit, so I took loads of sports kit so I would be prepared what ever the weather and ended up covering it all up in an uncomfortable boiler suit, which doesn't make the individual assault course any easier, so I would suggest not wearing anything too bulky for the second day.

Hope that helps and good luck!


Thanks for the heads up - it will be very useful. Just to confirm, should I have received any extra paperwork before briefing or is everything needed contained in the JI that was emailed to me?

Thanks again.
t444, I just double checked with what I was sent - an outline of the 2 days, a map, travel arrangement docs and the joining instructions.
You spend all of the first day in a suit, and all of the second day in a boiler suit with sports kit underneath, except for your final interview, where you change back into your suit. Apart from that, the only other thing I needed was a pen, and the first thing you do when you get there is to go over everything you will be covering so there is no confusion.
The paperwork you have been sent should cover everything you need to know - just read through it with a fine tooth comb!

Thanks for the thorough responses! I was sent an email today from Westbury confirming that they expect me to attend next week. I guess I just wanted confirmation I should still attend, as I hadn't heard anything for so long - but all is solved now! Thanks again for your help.

Wager - I received and send off my completed CV before being given dates for Briefing.

Thanks all.

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