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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cherrycoke, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Firstly guys, I'd like to apolgise for forgetting the name of this course (again).

    Anyway, I managed to pass selection and get offered a place in the Infantry, only problem was I completed my run in 10.55. I was told in my interview he was going to reccomend me for this PT thing before basic. I'll admit I was a little ashamed being only 19 years old and not doing it in the required time, but I was also relieved to have passed selection. So I kept my head down.

    I was just wondering what exactly this course was all about. I know it'll be pure fitness, but do I get my uniformed issued here? Will there be many on this course? Will I just fold into the training when the rest of the basic guys show up?

    Sorry for the long read guys, and any information/links are appreciated.

  2. It is called the soldiers pre-conditioning course also known as Fox platoon and 2 very good freinds of mine are in charge of the PT for it. Both are civvies 1 is ex 1 para and the other is ex Raf Regt.

    It consists of 2 PT sessions a day whether it be running, circuits, spinning or swimming and they also get the unique opprtunity to heve a go at the trainasium and are the only recruits outside of Para Reg to do this.

    And they usually have an awesomely good looking bloke as the demo man on the trainasium :p
  3. By any chance, is this you old boy?
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    It's just had a write up in this month's Soldier Magazine:
    Soldier Mag: Fit To Fight

    Sounds like a good course, all the best with it mate!
  5. RP578,

    Thanks for that info mate I just gave it a good read. It does sound like a good course and after all it's those guys that know best. I didn't even know you got payed to do it, so that's a bonus I guess.

    Thanks again. :)