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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sjm88, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. been told to put my army number on all my kit, is it ok to put the last 4 or do i need all of it? also my kit list says swimming trunks...are shorts ok or do you have to suffer speedos? cheers for anyones advice/pisstaking in advance
  2. Put your full number on mate - stops any confusion.

    No idea about the trunks - would have thought that any would be ok though.
  3. Wah?

    If not, then you may not be cut out for the Army. You will be given orders and tasks at various stages. If you can't follow simple things like joining instructions then you've got no chance.

    Keep your head down, ears open and do what you're told, and you may get through.
  4. Why not think outside the box and take a set of both? Swimwear will be the least of your worries though mate! Its only 3 months or so, you'll be able to wear what you like afterwards.
  5. Speedos. And don't fret, you'll all be in them, so you won't look silly.

    Well, only as silly as the rest of the lads.
  6. Most of the lads used plain black shorts or trunks when i was at pirbright if not we were allowed to use PT shorts. Either way take a pair of speedo's anyway incase.
  7. Thats what I thought! alas all the blokes bought swimming shorts and the PTI's didnt mind. I was the only one in peado speedo's!! Arrgh!
  8. Just put the last four of your Reg No on as you will more than likely find everyone will start with the first four probably 2522**** or there abouts at the moment.
    If I was you Id also ensure you stick the S's down on the SpeedoS trunks so your not mistaken for somebody nasty if they fell off. :roll: :wink:

    Muck in with the rest of your platoon, dont gob off, work as a team and enjoy yourself.
  9. Christ, Greg, not fair, mate. It's made clear at the ACIO to take Speedos, so good call on your part, but unlucky for having to wear them.
  10. Yeah and the DS made me wear them for the rest of training too, cos they thought it was funny. Barstewards! :oops:
  11. just stick ya zap number on

    first 2 of surname plus last 4 of service number

    some lad who was in trainin with me got his name embroiderd onto his socks n everythin the sad cnut.
  12. 2524 at the moment, might even be 2525 :?
  13. 2525, thats wrong too. All numbers have changed since JPA. They now begin with 300?????

    Very confusing.

    Still shows the new from the old!
  14. 3002 mine starts with :) cheers for the advice
  15. That makes my 248***** seem like Im even older now :crying: