Pre Army v Navy Drinks (Friday 1st)

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by ZXR-BIRD, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. After meeting up with some fellow Arsers last year in Covent Garden and having a cracking time, we have decided to do it all again. If anyone wants to join us for a few dozen drinks then we will be at Walkabout CG from about 1400hrs onwards.

    Just look out for Kernowpuss dancing on the tables :wink:

  2. I'll be honoured to join you for a few cooling glasses of diet coke :D
  3. I'll be the one dancing on the table with legs like a baby giraffe :D ...........again!!
  4. I'll probably be face-down in a pool of ale by 14.30 with the rate my non-drinking is going :x Dammit
  5. I think that we may be in London over the weekend - although you'd have to ask the boss: if so, we'll probably drop in for a bit :)
  6. I might be able to turn up depending on work
  7. The BOSS??? You'll be there then :wink:
  8. Hahahahaha :D Cocoakid has just reminded me that I can come along unaccompanied - so I'll pitch up while he's still at work, try not to get me too drunk, please... Will make up for missing the St George's Day crawl.
  9. I'll bring the milk then :wink:
  10. Is that what we're calling Bailey's these day? :wink:
  11. White Russians, the Boss is rather partial to them :wink:
  12. The table has legs like a baby Giraffe .................. how odd?
  13. If you think her dancing is bad, wai9t til she starts singing 8O
  14. Mr Boots and I will also be attending this soiree. Be gentle we are country folk and not used to Big Lundin!
  15. So far we have:

    Crow Bag ?
    Boots & Mr Boots

    Any more reprobates joining us?