Pre AOSB Interview

Discussion in 'Officers' started by JARS, Nov 8, 2015.

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  1. Hey all,

    I have my pre-AOSB interview soon and have a few questions, I would really appreciate any answers.

    1) as I am under 18, will a letter from my school suffice as evidence of adress? It says a local government letter is acceptable, I'm just not sure if a school letter counts. (I would ask my CSM however she won't be available as its a Sunday, so I am asking here to get fast answers.)

    2) My interview runs through 11am on Remembrance Day. Personally I like to stand in the silence as I feel it shows more respect, will this be allowed?

    3) can anyone give some examples of what the questions are like and ways I can prepare that aren't covered on the email that you gets.

    Thank you all very much,
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  2. Oh, thanks, didn't notice that...the forum is so crowded.
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  3. Oh...that thread is closed....can someone please answer here unless someone knows of a new one?
  4. Apologies but you should find what you seek in there or that part of the forum.
  5. Ok, I'll try to go through the pages :D, test my perceptive skills a bit
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  6. Search function top right may also be of use.
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  7. has been so many years since I commissioned and I was an LE. However I would hope that the service would adhere to the minutes silence (or even two as seems to be the modern norm)

    That aside, I would wish you all good fortune. Things have changed,but it remains a decent life & good start in life whether you make a career of it or not. I honestly wish I had my time again......stay safe.
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  8. Thanks. Yes I would expect them to adhere to the silence.
  9. Had my interview :D went really well (I think)

    If anyone has any questions about it message me
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