Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by simpa_10, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys im going to st george's barracks for a pre ADSC assesment would like to know if any1 knows what its like? :D
  2. any1????
  3. Pr ADSC was a piss cas m8, what cap badge u going for? Icebreaker, 1.5mile run, best effort, followed by jerry can lift, team task. Ive got ADSC 30/03 cant wait !
  4. At my pre selection i done the following :

    Test like the grenade one you do at selection
    Team tasks
    Heaves followed by jerry can
    then followed by 1.5mile run with 2 laps of footy pitch as a warm up.
  5. im going to st george's barracks on the 20th august for Pre ADSC anyone else
  6. I passed Pre ASDC last month at Robertson Barracks in Swanton Morley (Norfolk).

    Upon arrival we got our coloured and numbered vests, had a briefing on the day and a presentation about the Army.

    After that the day consisted of;

    - Sit ups, best effort in 2 mins
    - Heaves, best effort
    - Jerry cans
    - 1.5 mile run (preceeded by 800m warm up)
    - 3 Team tasks
    - Icebreaker
    - Memory retention test, based on earlier presentation.

    Overall I had a pretty good day, and you'll appreciate the feedback from your recruiter before ADSC.
  7. does anyone know the order of the teamtask when u have 5 tires in order on a cone youve got 3 cones and have to get them in order on the other side and u can only move 1 tire at a time and only a low number can go on a high number any help cheers
  8. Hi guys. Got pre-selection in a couple of days at manchester uni barracks, just wondered if anyonea been or knows what sort of surface i'l be doing my run on. Thanks