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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Robp85, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Been told by my recruiter before putting onto adsc there's a mock adsc to make sure you can pass it without being deferred anyone experienced this? My fitness level isn't great and can't make the 10 min 30 for rac yet but 8 weeks (fir example is next avaliable adsc) I will be will I now have wait 8 weeks or so to be ready for the pre adsc then another 8 weeks for actual adsc? Want in as soon as possible and with this backlog don't want to wait any longer than January!
  2. well 1st thing to do. get running. check the fitness advice sticky thread for advice. But work hard at ya phys regardless of how long you wait. Your recruiter is probably trying to give you something to aim for and making sure you will pass ADSC 1st time so exercise dude.
  3. But to pass for RAC at ADSC isnt a 10.30 run, even the run time for Infantry is 12.45 to pass (but you would struggle seriously in training with a time like that :D ).

    I think like a lot of places, to ensure we are only putting applicants through ADSC that are likely to get graded A & B (to secure any of the limited vacancies), the office must have imposed their own selection criteria which lets face it is sensible :)
  4. with more and more people wanting to join the Army the best thing you can do is put in maximum effort, get out in all weathers to achieve your goal.If you do not want to wait longer than January get the run time at least below 10.30 work on your upper body strength, and let your recruiter know as soon as you reach that time. My careers office had a run club mid week I attended ran 9.18 and within two weeks had my interviews and attended ADSC and passed.
    Good luck, as long as you put in the required effort you will achieve your goal.
  5. It's just the running I need sort out I'm on a weight training routine to keep my weight up in muscle weight the sit ups/press ups/heaves will fly through but doing no cardio to gain weight has kicked me in the ass! So now I'm running 3x a week and doing 2x weight gain shakes (myprotein) with added complex carbs giving each shake 600 cala, that should stop me losing any weight :)
  6. running is a big part of the army, how old are you how much do you weigh, I would concntrate more on the running than gaining weight for now, get to ADSC then worry about bulking up if necessary
  7. 6ft 1, 10 stone I need to do the weights I have a very fast metabolism and lose weight easy so I will be turned away at adsc otherwise don't get me wrong I know how important the running is I do 3x a week so don't overtrain but going to up to 4x don't want to cause an injury and halt any improvements embarrasing say I was out of breath after 0.65 miles after a week I'm up to a mile in 8 mins when I can jog half mile and run the mile and half it's just keeping the time at 10.30 or less then have rest time to basic to get my fitness far greater and not struggle on the longer runs and other basic training fitness I don't want to be the 1 at the back!
  8. Robp85 Weights are not of high importance for ADSC
    In my opinon the best thing I think to do is like a mock
    Up of all the tests at ADSC so do some carrying 20kg water
    Cans, heaves, back extension excersize and static lift.
    Maybe some weights for the 55kg lift but that should not
    Be to hard. Running should be your main focus the weights and
    Press ups / sit ups comes after you pass before your phase 1
    But I guess starting now can't be a bad thing.
  9. I'm not doing the weights for the strength tests mate but to gain some muscle weight I do sit ups when I do weights and press ups when doing running following the 200 sit up and 100 press up challenge routine as can guessed don't want a single thing holding me back for adsc or basic :) I want to specialise in para/commando formation recce after complete phase 2 have my goals and giving it my all to get there