Pre-ADSC ...Does it exist ? What is it ? Compulsary ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AJ1992, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. Well untill today i was unaware that there was such thing as a "pre-adsc". Then i read over on that not everyone has to attend a pre-adsc depending on your "catchment" area. Any truth behind this ? Got my BARB Test next week , hoping to join infantry ( Rifles or Royal Irish ) but im getting pretty confused about what actually is the process after (hopfully) passing BARB.
  2. You will be given medical forms after your barb test to fill in for yourself where you will then have to leave them with your doctor to sign and confirm everything you have put is correct (You get 28 days to get your forms back in). When i handed my forms back in they told me to ring up if i don't hear anything within the next 2 weeks but lucky enough i got a letter come through the post a week later confirming i have pre-adsc in 3 weeks time.

    From doing my barb to doing my pre-adsc was about 6-7 weeks, i'm not sure if it's a procedure that everyone has to go through or it's just depending on your job choice or location.
  3. ^ Spot on
    Pre ADSC itself or PSAC as it was called up here (Newcastle area) itself is pretty straightforward, you go and do some physical tests to make sure you're up to scratch before ADSC a few weeks later (providing you pass). If your up to scratch then it's easy peasy, if not then you'll be told how to improve what you need to and you'll go back when your ready.
  4. Do you do ADSC if your going for Harrogate?
  5. Thanks for the info mate. If you dont mind me asking , what was your job choice ? As im going for infantry im assuming im gonna get called for a pre-adsc then. Bit of a P.issteake really - dont see the point in doing basically the same thing twice... lol
    I think im thinking way ahead of myself , havnt even sat BARB yet and im going on about Fitness test ! I was hoping to get my ADSC done and a date to start Catterick before the new year. A tad too optimistic by the looks of things !
  6. Yeah everyone has to do selection. Although i think run times can be a bit slower than over 17 Year's
  7. Ahh thanks ^^
    I'm applying next year (February when I'm 15 and 7 months), but I'm running 1.5 in about 10 mins. Dunno if that's good or bad.
    Going for infantry, Royal Regiment of Scotland...
  8. Yeah thats more than enough to pass fitness for infantry (12.45 minimum),
    One thing i would say is get practicing pullups/heaves , deadlifts, pressups (x50 in under 2mins) and situps (x50 in under 2mins). I wish i worked that one out when i was 15 lol, Would have saved me a sh*t load of time in the gym this year lol.
  9. Haha, I'm at about 55 pressboard for 2 mins just now.
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