pre adsc and illness

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sniffercat, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi this is my first posting and i am a parent, but find this forum very informative.

    My reason for writing is this... My son has gone through his barb test and others and has won an appeal against his medical only to have to re-sit his tests again (cos the office shredded his papers as they believed he would be rejected) and was given the date of 11th April for pre adsc.

    Comes to two days before the date and is struck down with a chest infection that the doctor felt was bad enough for anti-biotics, now rather then go on the day and fail he rang the office to see if he could change the date and was told that they were sick of him cancelling things and they have helped him enough, then was told if they dont hear from him in seven days they will cancell his application.

    Although i am a parent i do not believe new recruits should be spoken to like this, he is confused as he has never cancelled anything and has kept in touch in person all thoughout his appeal,

    luckily this has not dampened his want for joining the army and hope that the officer has him confused with someone else or was having an "off-day"

    sorry for the rant but fellings are running high
  2. Seems pretty simple. All he needs to do is ring them back to reschedule within seven days. Not too onerous really.

    Incidentally, if he feels a little under the weather when he is deployed on operations, I'm sure his Pl Sgt will give him a few days off and let him stay in bed. More seriously, we do require our soldiers to be robust and sometimes take the antibiotics and crack on with the work.
  3. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Well, you could both go off in a huff and not speak to the nasty man again. Seriously, just get on with it and stop dripping! And as for being spoken to harshly, he'll face a lot worse than that if he gets in.
  4. thank you for your replies,

    I understand that i may seem over-protective but believe there is nobody that wants him to be shouted at more than me.
    My main point was that he was trying not to waste there time and if someone else could go intead of him to help their career.

    What would be the point of anyone going if they know they are too ill to pass and have to do it all over again.

    By the way he is not in bed, against the docs advise he still went out last night to do his mile and a half run and what normally takes hm a short time was ages.

    Sorry if i upset anyone on here, obviously the recruiters can talk to anyone however they please even though he hasnt enlisted yet.

    not sure if this site is of any use if all you get is sarcastic comments
  5. Thats the army for you, we are great at it whatever the topic. Once your lad is in you will never have a sane conversation again. You just need to be more robust when dealing with the forces.

    Good luck with it.
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Sarcastic? Get a grip chap, it's called humour and if you can't take it in the spirit that it's meant..
  7. Maybe not a good idea saying what ACIO your going through on another post then slating the Office, however reading a bit of what you have put the reasons he had to resit the BARB and basic skills could be that the run out date would be getting close to a year especially if the RG8 forms then rejection letters along with your son appealing took a while.
    Regarding phoning up the day before an event organised to cancel, I cant really see a problem there as the Recruiter hasnt withdrawn your son he has told him to get back in touch within a week and imagine if your son had done this to a future civilian employer he would of been told GOODBYE and not given a second chance.

    Put it in prospective your son is being given the chance to continue through the process and not being binned like he more than likely would be if it had been a civilian job he was applying for...hes been given feedback on how to conduct himself and hopefully adheres to this to improve himself and hopefully pass at ADSC.............its a long process where he needs to learn to open his ears, listen to advice and also criticism and then hopefully have enough to get a good grade at ADSC.

    Regarding illness NO he shouldnt of gone as he needs to be at his best so did the right thing by thing is to do is phone and reschedule ASP for when hes fit again.

    Regarding going running when he isnt well and been advised not to go by his GP...lunacy and doing himself no favours.
  8. Thank you for your reply, it was nice to hear from someone that understood what i was trying to say. I/WE have taken your advise and he is going into the office to re-book his pre-adsc.


    by the way forastero I am not a chap
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    So what? Does 'chap' offend you?
  10. Just tell your son to keep his head down and give 110% commitment throughout the recruiting process, I'm sure if his keen to join he will get it.
  11. I see exactly what you mean, they shouldn't be talking to any potential recruit like that, a chest Infection is something that is going to stop him from doing the PT sessions,

    Just try and tell your son to get through it and contact them Like they said.

    Hope some of the replies you have received have been of use
  12. Talking to him like what????????

    you are contradicting what you have say they shouldnt be talking to him like that then say listen to what they have told him.

    It is extremely fierce competition to get a good enough grade to hopefully have a chance of getting offered a job at the end of it.

    As I pointed out earlier he wouldnt be getting a second chance if he was looking at a civvy job so what has the Recruiter said wrong to him??????????

    As been pointed out earlier if a simple comment like Im withdrawing you in a weeks time if you dont show some commitment is going to upset an applicant then what will they be like in a contact in Afghan or after 2-3 days of no sleep.

    All the lad had to do was tell them he couldnt make it as he did then later on in the week go and speak to his recruiter explaining the circumstances and that he wanted to be booked back on another pre selection...SIMPLE.........this would show commitment and his maturity........whining about his Recruiting staff isnt the answer and shows lack of our standards and behviour some of the people above expressed if he cant accept a little bit of a telling off now how will he handle training and operational tours..............and would somewhere like Tescos or McDomalds give him a second chance or just throw his application in file 13.
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Ah, but Iron, you are forgetting some simple unalterable truths. That is that everything you read on the internet is always the truth and there are never two sides to every story. Shame on you.
  14. Just saying obviously listen to them and rebook the pre adsc but how they spoke to her son and herself(if true) maybe was unnecessary.

    It's good to see it hasn't put him off joining or casing it
  15. Your going to be telling me next Disco is'nt the Son of God and that The_Snail isn't the Virgin Mary...........youve just dashed my whole understanding of life.