Pre ADSC 1.5 Mile Run (Help!)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by TheRumney, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. hi, ive got my pre ADSC in a few weeks time and im a bit worried incase im not fit enough, my run time is around the 13 minute mark, im ok with the situps but i struggle with the prees ups and heaves.

    any tips on how to improve on my press ups and maybe shave a minute or so off my run time???

    im wanting to join the military police or the RAC, anyone know the time limits on the run for them???

    Thanks :)
  2. Hiya mate how ya diddlin, try running on uneven ground it improves ankle stability, also get out as often as you can rain or shine, try not to eat before you go running unless you'v had about half an hour to stabalize your metabalism and drink up until you run, it wont hurt but you'll find your niche, stretch before you go and finish, and throw in a few hills.

    Pressups,Heaves,Situps all come with the same attributes as running, start off with a few then build up, your speed will increase upon acheivment over time.

    As your due up in a couple of weeks i'd try and run every day, it wont take alot off your time but will improve your performance.
  3. Look up fartlek and interval training on the internet, the best things to get your 1.5 miler down. train hard when doing it, push yourself to the limit, but dont train everyday, your muscles need rest if you dont rest them they wont get any stronger, try day on day off then when you start getting used to that up it to 5 days. you will find once you get used to the same routines you wont put 100% in. so once you that starts change your routine.

    as for your press ups n sit up, bang as many as you can out for 10 mins when you wake up and before you go to sleep. try to get better every day, and whenever you have a spare minuite durin the day bang some out then. theres always timefor 10 press ups. after a week or so you will find you will be doin over 100 a day if you fit them in whenever you can, quick ten before you go out, before your dinner, it onli takes ten seconds of you time.

    just stick at it and work hard.

  4. Try going for some long runs too prior to going on my pre-ADSC i just ran 1.5 miles and i was struggling about halfway through because the course was harder then the one i do at home it really kicked some sense into me,now im training about 2.5 miles at the moment working up to 5 miles just a little slower then best effort and i feel alot fitter and can push the pace alot more during a 1.5 miler.Press ups and heaves i just try to go to failure once every 2 days you will quickly see improvements other then that make sure you eat well.