Pre 50th Bash

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by SilsoeSid, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Scotland

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  2. Ireland

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  3. Wales

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  4. North England

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  5. Midlands (we will be having one anyway!)

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  6. South East England

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  7. South West England

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  8. Germany

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  9. Other (please post where)

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  10. I would not attend one!

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  1. How about pre-emptive strikes throughout the country in preparation for the event?
    Weekend of 1/2/3 Sept this year, various 'get togethers', to start balls rolling.
    This will help to get a network of contacts together, establish leads for 'lost ones' and also for those who suspect they will not know or remember anyone on the big day next year, to at least have a few familiar faces to look out for or even to travel with!

    With a follow up/consolidation event around the beginning of March, the [​IMG] will be the climax of the 'Corps Spirit of Comradeship' with friends from all over the country, nay world, coming together for one almighty p**s up, sorry celebration!
  2. North England on 2 votes so far - at least i wont be billy no mates.
  3. Am up for either Midlands or SouthEast. I will pay for the friendship. Please be my friend.
  4. Midlands venue sorted, subject to discussion tomorrow afternoon at about 1700!!!
    (Any excuse to watch the match 'elsewhere'!)
  5. Help I am being a thick sod, but, is Wallop classed as being in the south east or south west. Where excactly is the line drawn ? A34 Perhps?
  6. Good point,

    I wanted to keep Wallop out of the prelims, however I suppose the Southern folk could have a bash in Portsmouth,
    (relive those aeromed training days!!!)

    From the petrol station at the Grately Junction it is 228 to Lands End and 149 miles to Margate (Autoroute)


    I would put Wallop in the South East area. There could always be a 'Southern bash' if the numbers warranted it.
  7. Midlands sorted. :D
    (subject to commitee approval)

    Saturday 2nd September 2006

    Live music
    Guiness Ice @£1.90 pint
  8. Its South from where I am.
  9. That makes you North of me then S_Master
  10. Any more takers to organise regional bashes?

    If there are no 'old boys' organising locally, how about for example,

    Perhaps the Corps/Wallop Mess would like to cater for the South,
    Dishforth for North/Scotland,
    Wattisham South East/East,
    Aldergrove for Ireland,
    Gutersloh for rest of Europe?
  11. Who's doing the "Do in the North".

    Will Dishforths mess accomodate everyone who wants to go - 7 at the moment. I'm 20 miles from Dishforth and so could help with any setting up that needs to be done.