Pre 2005 War Pension Question

Apolagies if this has already been asked but here goes...

If someone on a pre 2005 WP passes the 40% threshhold does he automatically receive everything that goes with it (lower standard of occupation, mobility etc) or does he need to apply for them too?
It's not automatic, you need to apply for them.
There is a cut of date of 3 months, when you move up to 40%, from the date you move you to 40%, for you to claim ALSO.

And from April last year if you are a new claimant of ALSO, you can not be in receipt of incapacity benefit/ESA and ALSO. Now it's one or the other.

If you are unsure ring up your welfare adviser from the veterans agency, he or she will tell you what you can and cannot claim.
Thanks guys. Are the forms available online? I'm about as far away from UK as you can get without NASA's help & it will take a month for them to arrive via snail mail (They're not available as downloads on SPVA website).
fingers_1661 said:
oldbaldy said:
You have to give them a phone call to get the supplementary allowances forms:

I've asked them to fax or email the forms but as yet i'm still waiting.

A letter dated 22 Jan 10 arrived today....:(
FFS! Where do you live? The Pitcairn Islands?

I recently had a letter from t'other lot (them at Newcastle) and they kindly gave me a month to get the info back to them. The month happened to be February so a short month and the letter took NINE days to get from Newcastle to eastern France. The main reason it took so long is that they use a Postbox at Schiedam in the Netherlands.

I emailed them and told them they were fcuking dreaming and they kindly (and sensibly) gave me an extra month. Still, it was better than the year before. They sent it out over the Christmas period. 8O

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