prc349 radio

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jimtylee, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Might have already asked cannot remember........has anybody used this radio ???? its only 1 watt rf output..
    37 to 47 megs coverage i believe.....
  2. Weren't they originally for use between the sect. comdr. and the gun group ? so 1 watt would have been ok over a few hundred yards (not metres) showing my lack of recent experience here i know.
  3. Has anyone used this radio?
    I'm not being funny mate, but half of this site are old ******* who probably remember when comms was a box of matches and a wafting blanket!!
    Doubt there will be any shortage of experts on it
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  4. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    cadets now use these.
    37 - 46.975 htz i believe
    400 channels
    'planning' range of 2.2k
    300 metres in urban enviroment
    .5m whip attena usually used sometimes a 1m was used for better comms
    used for section comms
    and thats all i can remember
  5. Thanks got the radio now, what current is the charge rate on the nicad pack any idea ??????
  6. What accessories have you got?
  7. How much did it sting you?
  8. We used them between our light guns to the command post sometimes instead of line. They always seemed a bit hit and miss and the throat mike sounded like the operator had a snooker ball in his gob. Never had nicads either - we used to get packs of AA batteries to put in the battery compartment! Unsurprisingly they went through a lot of batteries.....
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  9. What charger have you got for it (if any) ?
  10. It was 50 pounds ...nicad pack/ carrying pouch/aerial/ and telephone handset....................
    it works okay tx and rx but the squalched position do not work, only works on the noise position...not really worried about that on frequency when checked on the freq. counter...
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  11. If you want any more accessories, let me know.
  12. I used to use one when I was RSO. My FSC Mk1 had a 353&352 setup and when engineering rebro often used the 349 to check links, saved dismounting the 351/2. LoS, or damn near it, would work over 10km.(whip Ae)
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  13. I dont remember a squelch button on any clansman kit, and Squelch was particularly an HF thing not VHF, If my memory serves me two bacon no sausage.
  14. You have that a bit arse about face, bollock chops. VHF was auto squelched but could be overidden. HF was non squelched.
  15. I've used it. I'll qualify that. I've carried it with it switched on.

    Your £50 would have been better off spent at Maplins.
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