Prc 344 radio

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jimtylee, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Hi,
    Did any of you guys use the radio 344 it was a uhf radio using same battery pack as the 320 and 2 watts output rf.
    regards jim...................
  2. No.


    We used messenger pigeons.
  3. Did they require a special battery pack ..perhaps the often used Seed 2 mki
  4. What do you want to know?
  5. Yes thank you, it was a great bit of kit replaced by the totally rubbish RT346 - around the time that 16 Bde started to use UHF mission nets, used to wish I had my UKPRC344 and bob marley antenna.

    It uses the same battery as the 320 and 351/2.
  6. Probably because they were all in my (TA) store then! God knows why, we never used them, because "you can't recharge them and we might need them one day". They'll either still be on the shelves or in a skip by now.
  7. Used them quite a lot fitted with the green 'cut throat' antenna. Used a Bob Marley if required. They were replaced by the PRC113 UHF/VHF and then by the 346 as mentioned above by G11.

    PRC344 225-399.95 MHz


    1Ah batteries are about £15 0n Ebay

    If you get a battery you may need one of these to charge it:

    Spent many unhappy hours winding one of these b@stards.
  8. Interesting article on how to re-cell a Clansman battery using easily available parts here.

    These do come up on eBay sometimes


    And as much as some may like to reminisce of old times sat in a cold dark room winding up the batteries, some people prefer to save their arm for more important duties and make life a bit easier with one of these.
  9. UE.jpg

    An IBMU was always useful after you spent all day using this lot. However no vehicle + lots of radios = hand charger. :-(
  10. Used to be the standard set for Ground to Air Comms, all the FAC's at Bde and DALO
    at Div. were issued with them, 78-82, they were certainly used in 741/742 TACP's
    these were 4Div Units(Minden) and 743/744 TACP's(Detmold) all under the wing
    of 804 TACP(DALO) at 4Div(Herford)

    I seem to remember they replaced the A43 and Ferret, when Spartan and Clansman
    came in.
  11. I think that there was a bit of a panic in regards to FAC equipment and training prior to GW1. In fact I know there was a panic, that's why they deployed the whole of JFACTSU. The powers that be thought that the 344 wouldn't be up to the task so we were gifted (or so I was told) a job lot of PRC113's from the US.

    The benefit of the 113 was the ability to pre-programme freqs, which made it much easier to use when operating in a multi net mixed VHF/UHF environment. The VHF range wasn't really worth writing a Bluey home about though.

    Some FAC's swore by the 344 as it did seem to out-perform the TX and RX capabilities of the 113's and it was probably the radio of choice just for 1 to 1 talk ons, you often picked up the jet long before it reached the CP.
  12. Forgive me if I am wrong (which I often am), but do I spy a vehicle mounted TUAAM and antenna mount in the bottom right hand corner?
    I smell a hand charger walt!

    Yep the ACCU charges 16 which is more than the IBMS. The IBMS was quite useful being part timers though because it detects when the batteries are full and switches itself off. The DCCU / ACCU will continue to push power into the battery as long as it is switched on, which isn't ideal either for the battery nor the charger. If you but the batteries on the ACCU at 9.30 on Tuesday night and take them off at 7pm on the next Tuesday you would find the ACCU and the batteries pretty ******* hot. Apparently they can explode. The IBMS also has a 're-condition' function which can be useful for batteries which only get used on the weekends for short training periods etc, and don't get fully discharged. If you re-charge them from part discharged a few times they will develop a 'memory' and refuse to charge to full capacity, a process which, to some extent, the IBMS can reverse.

    When it came to annual camp I remember we always packed the ACCU because it charges more at once, simples. IBMS in vehicles is something which, AFAIK, never really took off, it was very much a stores thing.
  13. The Land Rover in the picture had an IBMU fitted which was constantly in use, my hand charging adventures took place elsewhere.
  14. 351/2 "Clip In" is another story in itself. They were an absolute nightmare...

    Something to jog the memory...

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