Discussion in 'RLC' started by Bowmore_Assassin, Sep 22, 2008.

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    B_AND_T - Thanks. I have seen that previous thread. The last entry on that was 25 Aug 08 and before that 2007.

    My point is a new thread has come up on the Seniors FORUM (see my earlier post for a link) giving the SNCO's in PRB a good shoeing for lack of moral courage in disciplining troops (and in one case, accusing all loggies of such, which incidentally, I take offence to). Now, I am not in PRB and do not know the current situation. I merely suggest that perhaps one of my loggie brethren may wish to respond to said slagging and give us some ground truth. If not, then we can have a cup of tea and forget about it instead. Personally, I would be somewhat offended if I were the accused in this case...

    I am not after scandel or gossip, I would rather someone fronted up and said "'boll*cks' the troops are in good order" or "there are issues, no names, no pack drill and they are being sorted..."

    This will be my last entry regarding this subject.
  4. Ignore Flash-Heart, he likes to slag people off without all the facts.

    I would be interested to know what is happening there. I thought a lot of problems had been ironed out over the last couple of years.
  5. I am on PRB most days, and have often wandered round at night. I have NEVER been in the slightest intimidated, worried or felt I had to avoid anywhere.

    If I'm in Sally Army uniform I am normally addressed as "Sir", if I'm in civvies I could be any fat civvy, but still treated fine.

    In fact, the only things I don't like about PRB are the car wrecking speed bump near the golf course and the random changes in times/use of the crash gates.
  6. I've spent a lot of time at PRB.

    There are issues, as any other barracks with 5 regiments sat on it who can't bomb-burst home every weekend like the UK.

    I was working in the discipline area for some of it. Weak/unsupported JNCOs were an issue (sorting the issue before it became An Issue), as was the fact that there are no regimental areas, its all jumbled up.

    Some of the stuff I heard back from outsiders about what was happening in PRB was absolute rubbish.
  7. Ditto, have to agree. It's all rumour mongering. The many duties I have had there never stopped me going anywhere in the evening, and I've never had a problem kicking people out of the NAAFI. The problems in PRB are no different to any other barracks I've visited.
  8. You're wrong.
  9. Yeah, and I've never been pissed.

    Bollox :roll:
  10. Well, I can't quote for when you are on duty there...if yer afraid to go anywhere, then that's up to you; however when I was on duty, there was never a problem anywhere.
  11. BIB, everytime I've been near the place its been utter chaos.

    I've never been afraid to go anywhere, but that place is not run very well at all.

    The CoC need to get a grip of it.
  12. Hmm, I’ve just reminisced about my time on PRB, when I had no problem wandering the camp or standing outside the bop as Base Duty Officer, before I realised that that was nearly eight years ago.

    Might it be, therefore, that a number of initiative and policy decisions both nationally and amongst the Army have finally started to come home to roost? Whether this is the effect of widespread Commonwealth recruitment (ten years on), the failure of AGAI 67 to live up to it’s promise, the cumulative effects of operational overstretch (not least young Soldiers getting posted to Units which are away – allowing them to arrive at their own formative understanding of Unit life) or whether its because they are Blair’s Babies and they are merely treading water ‘till they win the X-Factor. I would imagine that the root cause is quite complicated and is a collection of many factors.

    I am not in a position to accurately comment but my hypothesis is that as there is greater social unrest in Britain (i.e. the recruiting pool) that this has been reflected in the Soldiers now serving. Alternatively it may be that the SNCOs who maintained forming Corps standards are now long gone and the limp dicked LCpls of my time are now Sect Comds and Jnr Sgts.

    Whatever it may be, I’d imagine it is a complex problem that needs some insightful and innovative solutions. No surprise, therefore, that everyone is blaming it on a Sgt’s mess that was robbed of accountability long ago and reverting to shouts of “lets get bigger stick men.”


    N.B Flashheart states that it is an RLC problem, “or every fifth miscreant would wear a blue beret”. This would be true if there was parity between the Regt’s OR numbers and as well as the ratio of ORs to SNCOs and Officers as well as the overall barb test score requirement. I’m not saying it’s not necessarily true, just that his ability to draw conclusions from stats is flawed. Not too sure how many Private Soldiers there are in a Supply Regiment compared to an Air Corps Regt; I don't have a SOHB to hand!
  13. Don't often take umbrage with many things on arrse, but you condescending tw@t!! Those "Limp Dicked NCO's" you are on about may well have been limp dicked but what the fuck did you do about it as a leader? Fuck all I suspect. Those NCO's are busier now than they have ever been (certainly the lads in my unit are now on 6 m/on 6m/off). A lot of the lads who were serving, while you were at PRB, will indeed be SNCO's, something that is lamentable considering the level of leadership you quite obviously demonstrated to them.

    There are discipline problems at PRB. Nothing as bad as the discipline problems I have seen elsewhere. You stick 5 major units into a confined space you are gonna get a lot of discpline. It's basic maths. The figures look huge because it is confined, in the main, to a single site. To those that say they have felt intimidated - grow up or hand them in!