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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by 2hammers, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. Can anybody give me a heads up on the Sgts Mess in PRB Gutersloh.

  2. Yep, its full of fuckwit loggies.
  3. Stayed there last summer and agreed-full of fcukwit loggies who advised me against going to the NAAFI shop after dark as the juniors were out of control and might take umbrage to a SNCO being there.

    It takes a lot but I was genuinely staggered when I realised they were not trying to wind me up and were deadly serious.

  4. Agreed. Don't go down to the ghetto :roll:
  5. The quality of the loggie SNCOs if inversely proportional to the lack of discipline throughout the whole of the camp.

    I'd rather walk around Lower East side LA dressed in full KKK regalia than walk around PRB after dark. If it wasnt funny, it would be a fucking joke.

    I've seen more discipline in an East London secondary modern comprehensive school.

    PRB WO & Sgts Mess is frequented by a bunch of fat, retarded wankers who's only role in life appears to be to get even fatter and make excuses why there is no discipline and why the hardcore lesbian militia run the gaff.

    It's a real shame as a few years ago, the camp and Mess were very good.

    Imagine if you allowed a complete chav council estate to move in to a nice Hampshire village? You get the picture.
  6. Sounds like some spines are needed round there.
  7. Or just a bit of good old fashioned, basic leadership. Something the loggies seem to be severely lacking.
  8. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Please do not tar all loggies with the same brush. As with anywhere there are those with moral courage and those without. Too many without, I must admit, but that is not just log pers.

    Well, how about it PRB people - what is the ground truth ?
  9. Too many people worrying about their own careers rather than basic military discipline. It's the start of the slippery slope that needs to be sorted now rather than later.

    No doubt there are some outstanding mess members there but I wouldn't like to comment further until I know all the facts.
  10. I disagree strima-they were not worried about their careers they seriously lacked any sort of spine.

    I know you lot don't rate the RAF Regt highly but I can faithfully promise you that if (IF) this situation occurred at Honington then the Mess would march itself down the Naafi and restore order in the manner that is most deserving of the circumsatnces.

    I spoke to many mess members at PRB about this and was flabbergasted at the sheer cowardice they displaid. As mentioned above it is all about leadership, of which the maintenance of discipline is a corner stone. To be truthful I was disgusted. as my visit progressed it became obvious that the juniors could do what they wanted as they held no fear of any consequences.

    PRB-sort it out you *******.
  11. Woah, I didn't want to start a debate on the discipline in PRB or lack of it!

    I was really after what the mess was like to live in ?(with all the units that use it) Is it chilled or are there constant bun fights between the different units?

    How do functions work with 5 units sharing the same mess?

    Is the accommodation z type etc?

    Sorry I should have made my original post clearer.
  12. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

  13. 2 Hammers
    The mess is OK in my opinion, but the accomodation is a bit crap compared to what the juniors have on camp. There is new accomodation being built, but that'll be ages away. The mess has a Garrison Mess Meeting once a month, but that might be changing to 3 or 6 monthly. RMP's an 102 Log are a joined mess, then you have 1,2 LSR, 6 Supply and 1 Regt AAC. It has just moved to PAYD, which means a lot pf us pads have dinner there as it's very cheap (for the Core menu).
    PM me for any more info
  14. Surely it is the responsibility of the GSM to get unit RSM's in, shove a rocket up their ar*es and tell them to get a grip of the boys in their unit's!!

    As for the mess, I visited last year and the staff were all friendly and the three bars were all okay. If you are just transiting through, you will probably end up in a ten man room in the annex which is pretty basic.
  15. Having spent a lot of time at PRB, IMHO:

    A lot of rumours about what has happened and is happening is rubbish.

    There is no ghetto I have walked in and out of uniform acroos that camp with no issues.

    There have been instances of bad discipline by soldiers and weak officers, WOs, and NCOs not dealing with issues before they escalate. It kept me busy most Monday mornings.

    Having five regiments on one badly laid out camp does not help, especially as they don't all go home at weekends like the UK.

    Not having a GSM or Base HQ is a problem. The RHQ not on ops/preparing for ops/recovering form ops gets to spend 6 months trying to sort the issues out without a budget, resources or authority.

    Slating people or capbadges is not the issue. Restoring authority back into the Cpls and WO & Sgts Messes is. I don't think the RLC is alone with that problem.