PRB discipline problems spreading.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. I was always under the impression that out of the three RLC regts within PRB that 2 LSR had the worst discipline problems and 1 LSR seemed angelic in comparison. But if the rumours are in anyway truthful I think that 1 has just come alongside and both regts are now neck and neck.

    What are the rumours? Well I know that 2 LSR have had problems with Alcohol, Vandalism, Drink Driving, Drugs and Violent behaviour. Not wanting to be outdone 1 LSR has just jumped on the bandwagon and done most if not all of the previous. What the hell is going on?????

    The heirarchy always want to hear solutions to the problems well here are some of mine (Solutions that is!!!)
    Alcohol is the root of most problems. When sober most people know the difference between right and wrong, add cheap alcohol and some people forget the difference between right and wrong. Alcohol makes people less able to make the right decisions, unable to reason turns people to violence, too much alcohol increases the tolerance to it so a minority may look elswhere for another high = drug taking.

    Alcohol ..................Stop Club 47 being open so late, why, cause it then forces troops down town thus buying expensive beer/alcohol which most cant afford... NO MONEY=NO BEER= LESS PROBLEMS

    Some say the problems come from weak leadership, maybe its not weak leadership but the fact that the leadership has been taken away from NCOs both senior and junior by micro-managment. The heirarchy want things to go there way so micro-manage the SNCOs, SNCOs then micro-manage JNCOs, PTEs see this and wonder what the hell is special about being an NCO and its a downward spiral. Give the leadership back to the guys on the shop floor, let being an NCO somthing to aspire to be and not just a higher paid Pte who still gets shat on.

    AGAI 67 was put in place to bring us into line with civvy streets discipline guidlines. 2 Verbal warnings, 1 Written warning and then youre out!!!! You have been warned so bye bye. Lets put AGAI 67 into practice get rid of the crap and raise the standards by getting rid of those unable to meet the standard, be it Pte Soldier, J/S NCO or Officer then watch the standards rise.

    As always I cant wait to hear some views on this matter.

    PS This aint a trade related rant so lets keep the trades out of this, just solutions to the problems of PRB.
  2. Unfortunately that would get rid of a high percentage of the toms and a few of the Lance Jacks at our place.

    The standards need to be set in the training establishments first so that we don't get dross filtering through that can't work, can't do PT and can't handle their bloody drink.
    Oh OK maybe the ATR's aren't responsible for the poor drinking skills but they must take some of the blame for what we receive.
    Unfortunately you'll ever hear from people at these places is that the Army is a reflection of society and we have to move the goalposts to keep recruiting levels up. What this means effectively is a high percentage of the soldiers we receive are lacking basic soldiering skills.
  3. Normally this healthy sense of Regt competitiveness translates onto the sporting pitch, not the incident book!
  4. Hang on...........................

    Thought this was the reason for the RMP moving to PRB? They are of course the last resort as the unit seniors should be sorting the problems at source!
    Just a point about this post though..............apart from the sick lame and lazy, a few biffs and a mean mad SSM acting up. I was under the impression 2LSR are currently playing in the sand? So maybe the finger pointing should go all to 1LSR and 6 Regt?

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :twisted:
  5. I have spies in 2 and they still have problems even though most are on tour.
  6. Me to :lol:

    Trouble is............. The wa*k*rs causing the grief now are the same wa*k*rs who pull the sick chit not to go on tour, and cause the same grief when the regt is home! (Don't mention 11 as they're just parked in 2 as a temporary measure 8) )
  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Discipline is driven as in pile driver from the RSM/Adjt down through the ranks and should be supported by all the SNCO/Cpls ect.

    This means that the party line is toed, not internal troop punishments the Lad doing their own thing the shiny arses another. Once the example is set it get round it dies off.

    It certainly worked for at Abingdon, also the effect that some brown letters have cannot be underrated both medical and admin.

    There are to many blind eyes being turned and they have to be poked, but poked were they require posting.
  8. Hit the t****rs in the pocket and hit them hard.iIf the problem persists,boot them out with a dishonourable discharge!the sad truth is the forces are now too soft on miscreants.most toms are'nt bothered about agai 67 let alone colly with it's softly softly approach.
  9. Blanket punishments have been proven NOT to work so they are useless. I agree with bohs_man hit them hard where it hurts take cash off them theyll find it hard to get pissed with no cash, or give them longer sentences in colly, most that come out of there get promoted after a while so it must work in some ways.

    As for the RMP moving in to sort out the trouble, sorry but what can they do, there aint enough of them to carry out normal police duties let alone police the streets of PRB. And in some ways they are too soft to deal with pissed up squads.
  10. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    My point was meant to state that a Regiment should have an air of displine with the ethos of firm and fair.

    In this current climate there is no place for deadwood of any kind. Its not blanket punishments, but rather knowing were the line is.

    This kind of example must be set and maintained by the COC.

    I hope this clarifies my point and teaches me to RTFQ
  11. Ah PRB, where does the rant start:

    1. To many in the CofC turning a blind eye because miscreants are in another unit and not my problem.
    2. Officers turning a blind eye when passing an individual (or more often a gaggle) who chooses to stare at an imaginary object in the other direction.
    3. WO’s & Seniors not choosing to ensure said gaggle acknowledges said offr, or even worse themselves.
    4. JNCO’s being part of the gaggle and choosing not to show the moral courage to ensure the correct compliments are paid.
    5. The new improved gaggle formation that has replaced a uniformed body of troops.
    6. Having private security on the NAAFI bar because “blokes in uniform entering the bar at closing time might inflame the situation” (unbelievable).
    7. Pissed soldiers wandering up and down the main drag in the evening and at weekends shouting and swearing, regardless of the presence of young children with their parents.
    8. The NAAFI bar staying open until midnight on weekdays even though a majority of soldiers on camp are supposedly “professional” drivers (8 hrs bottle to throttle minimum).
    9. Not using the AGAI system due to requirement of effort on the administrators’ part and a lack of understanding in the process.
    10. Z Type accommodation (but that’s another thread).

    11. And on and on and on and on

    Ensure the soldiers are aware that allowing alcohol in the block, extended bar hours, selling alcohol in the NAAFI shop and even “walking out” are privileges, not rights.
    Punish the majority for the behaviour of the minority (they will start to self police). Accept there will be grumblings of mass PVR by the barrack room lawyers. Discharge/Bust offr, WO, SNCO and JNCO who do not do their JOB, in short ZERO TOLERANCE.

    Yes I am a dinosaur, yes I probably have no connection with the modern world and yes I have probably ranted for far to long.

    Breath deeply, In with the good, out with the bad and relax.
  12. Having not been to PRB, well not when the Army took it over, i have to say im amazed that the "camp" allows the bars to open till midnight?! I have a mate in the Mess there and he has said some certain areas of the blocks are definite no-go zones and different "cultures" shall we say have there own areas! I remember being in Barker Bks in Paderborn and with a RA Regt, Tankie Regt and 5 Ord Bn (hoorah!), i dont remember any dramas with each other. But then we had the Coy/Sqn bars which kept any trouble "in-house"..not that there was much.
  13. Ah the 51 Ord bar, any problems in that bar where sorted by the Daddy of the block the old way with a good slapping! Those were the days.
  14. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Indeed yes they were.

    However, please be aware of where the thread is going, this is a public forum, journos can read just as well as others users, don't drop yourselves/us in it.

    Thank you.
  15. Sorry General, the era I was talking about was over sixteen years ago. I realise this option is no longer available.