Prayers needed

Apparently Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi has been wounded:

BAGHDAD - A statement attributed to al-Qaida in Iraq surfaced Tuesday stating that its leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, had been wounded and that Muslims should pray for his health.
I predict public grief in Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and outside sundry places of worship around a concerned United Kingdom in the morning.
Great , all we need him to do is die and create another bloody martyr :roll:

Any word on wounding Bin-Laden terminally yet?

I see your point Whiskey , and I would hope this Government would point out to the assembled masses that support for an enemy of the UK (If he's been classified as such) is in fact treason.

Any assembly aimed at offering aid, support and succour to an enemy of this country , is in fact treason , and will be treated accordingly.
[PTP] "and will be treated accordingly"
Give me a and I know that nothing will happen to upset any of the non-indigenous brethren!!!
One of the Sky reporters just said that he'd heard a rumour a couple of weeks ago that Mr Z had a chest wound. The story couldn't be confirmed (sic) and so wasn't reported then.

I hope he's been in considerable pain for at least that long.
As this fella is so high profile, could it not be a leak to make people think he's gone away so he can get a bit of terrorist R n R?
Boys we should not be gloating over a poor enemy that has a chest wound! It is unmilitary and unprofessional.

What we should be doing is finding out who gave him the non-fatal wound and then putting them on Wathgill Ranges for the next three months until they can do the fecking job right, first time! A fine or donation to the ABF would not be out of order either...

As for the Hyde Park Mosque, I cannot imagine what London based troops do on a Saturday night, because it is still standing and not a pile of embers...
Who exactly may have fired the offending round?

Were they within the ROE at the time?

Was an Appropriate and Proportionate Level of Force used?

Is it to be considered a too LIBERAL use of expensive ammunition against a misunderstood minority representative?

:D :D :D :D

How does the MCB feel about yet another unprovoked attack?

(Gotta get 'em in while you can PtP :wink: )
Whatever happened to fight through!

Should've followed up and bayonetted the cnut if you cant do the job properly first time :roll:

They don't like it up em!
8O whoa wait one 8O

He'll be over here on benefits getting treatment on the National MRSA Service next :evil:

and a car, and a house, and loadsa kids, and a free hook!

"It's only a flesh wound..."

Before I celebrate I'd want a blood sample, preferably from between the ears, before confirming any injury. But hey, that's just me...

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