PRAYERS for Dying Soldiers Wife

False. I hate to break it to you, but "Gary Hogan" isn't a U.S. soldier stationed in Iraq. His alleged wife, "Cindy Hogan," isn't suffering from cervical cancer. The fact is, neither of these people really exist.

The text above is just the latest and most cynical revision of a real prayer request authored three years ago by a man named Gary Hogman, whose wife, Cindy Hogman, used to have cervical cancer, but, as of last report, is in remission. Forwarding this outdated, error-filled message serves no good purpose

oh yes ... Jesus loves you ... everyone else thinks you're a cnut ...
What are you talking about?
Wibble wibble my old mans a toothbrush etc etc ..........
Bit of a random post was it not?

Did you lose your bearings and post in here by mistake?

Right grid reference wrong planet perhaps!

Edited because quite clearly I'm blonde n oirish.
Ref: another spam email doing the round...the usual, "If you dont forward this email you're a heartless pervert" etc......

my favourite one is the dead baby email........ "whos gone to heaven to be with the angels' ahhhhh!....bunch of cnuts
Dom_Jolly said:
cracking way to start a post, however, most people would start with what it is in the first place! and as this is absolute bollox its off to the ARRSE Hole!!

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