PRAVDA Gets In Bed With The Enemy...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Themanwho, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. In the latest issue of Soldier (Not Soft, Strong, nor thouroghly absorbent) there's a "my army" puff piece with the Sun's veteran Chief Reporter, crowing about all the great scoops he's had about the Army.

    Now I know that PRAVDA has a long tradition of having little to no contact with the real world, preferring to exist in some alternative reality provided by MOD Main Building where the boots fit and the mail always gets through, but this has got to be a new low. Praising a cnuting journo for the amount of times he's blackened the Army's reputation, in the the Army's house publication!

    Who wants to knock up a Banner?

  2. RTFQ


    I reckon we all submit letters to the editor of soldier mag for inclusion in the talkback section. My keyboard has already been warned off for a good hate-typing.
  3. Being done as I type.
  4. themanwho, check your PMs have a banner waiting to be emailed to you, bit naff but should do the job.
  5. Older, could you cc me on the banner too please.

    Haven't got Soldier yet , is this story on their website?
  6. Can you PM me your email address and I'll get it to you straight away


    This guy should do stand up comedy. He's very funny!
  9. [​IMG]

    Very quickly knocked up banner
  10. Journalists with honour? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight... :roll:
  11. Have actually talked to Mr Kay a long time ago.... nearly the first words out of his mouth were "got any military stories involving sex?".... pillock!

    The friend who introduced him apologised.
  12. Older-By-The-Day, Brilliant banner!

    One problem: my mong-like IT skills don't extend to getting it loaded on to my page/ banner /avatar thingy.


    As for a letter to the editor, top idea, I'll be knocking mine up today.
  13. Just sent this off:


    As a member of the Army for over twenty years, during which time Soldier Magazine has been if not always the best read, at least it was firmly on the side of the soldier, I was disgusted to read the “My Army” article (Feb 06) glorifying the exploits of John Kay, the Sun tabloid journalist. This “man” and others like him have done nothing but harm to HM Forces over the years, taking every opportunity to drag us into their gutter, systematically eroding the high esteem in which we have rightly been held. To have the Army’s house magazine publish an article eulogising his achievements in ferreting out salacious gossip and misdoings that are only news-worthy because of the editorial bias of his newspaper beggars belief.

    I suggest that your editorial staff is even more divorced from the reality of service life than I originally assumed if you believe the Sun is “The Paper That Supports Our Boys”. I and many other serving soldiers feel nothing but contempt for John Kay and his ilk.


    Wonder if that will make it onto the Talkback letters page?
  14. My rant/letter to that loon editor:

    Sir or Madam,
    What are you playing at, sucking up to and giving oxygen and print inches to that SUN journalist? Are you completely out of touch? If you had your finger on the pulse, you'd know there is a growing movement within the Army (& RN/RAF) to boycott this "paper", which purports to "support our boys", but stuffs them at every given opportunity.
    You silly, silly* person.

    Staaken (not likely to be on Talkback either.......)

    I thought "cnut" might be a bit strong.....
  15. Does he not admit to encouraging a serving soldier to go AWOL in his article. Is that an offence?

    Tempted to write a letter, can you e-mail them, that might get a wider response?