Pratt and Whitney plead guilty for exporting ITAR sensitive technologies to China

Pay $75M in fines. Getting off a bit cheap there, huh?

Basically supplied software and engines to Chinese Z-10 attack helicopter program - under the pretense that they were for civilian use, while they knew all along it was actually for military use. Greed is good.

According to court documents, PWC’s illegal conduct was driven by profit. PWC anticipated that its work on the Z-10 military attack helicopter in China would open the door to a far more lucrative civilian helicopter market in China, which according to PWC estimates, was potentially worth as much as $2 billion to PWC.
Full details:

USDOJ: United Technologies Subsidiary Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges for Helping China Develop New Attack Helicopter

In case anyone wants to know what the Z-10 looks like:

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