Pre RMAS Cse

It is a bit like the old Row Co course. With a fair smattering of the PODC course (which is for ORs who have been selected).

Take your pick old boy. Do you want to be classed as a character risk or as 'uncultured' :D
No it isn't. RowCo was twelve week uber-beasting: it did not include trips to the opera.
My mistake, I was obviously misinformed. The PODC involved that sort of thing, and I am sure I was told that RowCo was pretty similar. But thinking about it, I am probably getting RSLC, PODC and RowCo pick and mixed.

Could have sworn the OC of the RSLC I was on mentioned going to Opera coming back and finding they were deploying on some sort of fun tasking mind.
It may have changed again, but in the early '90s the PRMAS and POD course merged. Prior to that, PRMAS was purely to bring candidates up to acedemic scratch while POD course was to give mostly, er perhaps exclusively serving soldiers going to RMAS a grounding in things cultural. POD course was definitely the 'going to the opera' course.

Did PODC myself and still think it was a bloody great way to expand one's outlook and go on some enjoyable forays at the expense of the taxpayer.
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