praise or punishment

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by burnt-or-buggered, May 1, 2007.

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  1. yesterday when i picked up my 4 year old from nursery one of the govt issue mlaaars mandatory in all classes grabbed his hair and pulled him to the floor, before i could grab him and hurl abuse at the idiot that had unchained the bribbling mong he jumped up and landed a right hook that tyson would have been proud of leaving said mlaar in a pool of its own mong juice screaming like a skate in iran. now the problem is how /why do i tell him off? as i don't want to become tarred with the same child baiting brush as the 4 fat beasts in the paper last week.
  2. Get in there first; sell your story to the Sun.

    And next time, please post something like this to the NAAFI. You'll get a better response!!!

  3. You do not tell him off, he has learned the first lesson in the kindergarten of life!

    If in doubt, give them a clout!
  4. i realise that this should be in the naffi but unfortunately learnt my computer skills on my army resettlement course so have rehomed it where it belongs sorry
  5. You don't! You commend him for defending himself, whilst re-enforcing that self-defence is ok but to attack without provocation is not.Well done that kid :thumright:
  6. punish him for what? He punched in defence against a kid bigger than him,what's to punish? Buy him some boxing gloves and work on his right,because he left the mong standing....bad drills!
  7. in his defense the mong was only still standing due to the helium balloon on its wrist
  8. Good on him for defedning himself.

    If the head gives you any jip, smack her an' all.
  9. Commend him mate. My lad had to have a Headmaster's interview for dropping some fat kid at school. The kid was physically taller and bigger than my son, and had been pushing him around trying to bait him. DH junior eventually snapped and (apparently) nearly knocked the fat cunt's head off. The headmaster was alarmed as technically my son threw the first punch, but had been provoked, and added at interview that he thought duty fat kid was going to hit him.

    Your lad was defending himself mate. Steady pat on the back for meeting violence with restrained violence and, moreover, gaining the upper hand - then off to the ice cream shop!
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    My advice to my child when she gets old enough to land a right-ooker will be the same. Don't be a bully, but if provoked, make sure that there is enough blood and strewn body parts to keep someone in employment cleaning it up.

    Edited to add: I was the last in a long chain of kids that our school bully had a pop at. When the fight was over, he had two broken bones and had to go to hospital. The funniest part was after I got cleaned up and carried on to school. I got called out of my lesson later that morning and got sent to the headmaster. He asked me what had happened and I explained that I was supposed to have been the kids latest victim, but alas t'was not to be. To my amazement, the headmaster chucked me on the chin, said I would go far and sent me on my way, and as an afterthought he said the other kid wouldn't be coming back. Made my year that did.
  11. Did he jump on his head to finish the job?
  12. well i'm off to see the head now problem is my older son had a similar problem and when she told me the other kid would be let of as he had adht i told her adht is a funny way of spelling tw@t she's not liked me since
  13. Fair play to the lil fella if you ask me. Just need to make sure your little one understands that he isn't getting praised/not punished for decking someone but for the fact he stood up for himself and acted with justified force and only that.
  14. Fair play i would have done the same.

    He stood up for himself.
  15. I've always wanted to punch a spaccer, and now kids are beating me to it.

    They grow up so quick these days!!!