Praise for the Traffic Police

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slipperman, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. I thought I needed to post this in a relatively public forum in an attempt to redress the balance somewhat; as certain individuals on this site sometimes seem to have an anti-police bias. To those that may take the p*ss out of this post, crack on - you don't matter.
    Yesterday evening I received the call every parent dreads - our daughter had just been involved in a multi car pile up on the A303. She had just left our house and was therefore only a few miles down the road and we were there within minutes. Thankfully, she was unhurt, but in a real state of shock and her car seemed to be a write off, as it was hit from the back and then shunted into another car. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the traffic police were soon on the scene and took control. The Police Sgt in particular was superb - calm, collected and totally in control of a pretty chaotic situation. We were at the scene for about 2 hours and in all that time, this guy was the model professional. Unsurprisingly, it turns out he was an ex-Serviceman (RAF) and he is a credit to our Police. Thank you and take a bow sir, from some very grateful parents.
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  2. I don't imagine being ex-forces makes a difference. It's their job and in my dealings with them I've found them professional.
  3. Fair one - I don't think the ex-Serviceman comment was necessary.
  4. One of my brothers is a traffic officer, he's ruthless. Then I'm not a criminal.
  5. All Police officers around here bar i think two are ex service all Highly prof.
  6. You say he was an ex-serviceman and then say he was RAF. So which was he? ;-)
    Joking aside, all trafic cops I have had to meet are all very professional.
  7. If I may also add my thanks to the same Coppers on the same stretch of the A303.

    Just over 6 months ago I was driving rather too fast there and got pulled over. I had every mitigating factor possible, but the fact remained that I was well over the speed limit.

    The copper was polite, and fair, spoke to me like a sensible bloke and warned me that I was in the poop, and would be summonsed. I took his words of advice, and have behaved myself since. 6 months have now passed with no summons, so I'm now free. But the guy did me a favour, and I owe him big time.

    Cheers Copper, there will be a donation going in the police benevolent fund box.
  8. My brother is ginger. Doesn't stop him being a decent enough rozzer.

    Coppers tend to treat people how they find them in my experience.

    My in laws recently had an accident, through no fault of their own. The attending officer was brilliant. Calmed them down, called us and got everyone to a safe spot to allow traffic to start moving.
  9. There is a need by some to only talk about the negative, OK its ARRSE you may say, but in all things there must be balance & posts like this are for the greater good.

    Servicemen & women will generally cope with situations like this far better than there Civvie counterpart or at least I would hope so.
    RAF Gunners Assist Police In M50 Road Accident
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Is she fit?

    Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

    Every single copper I've have had dealings with has been spot-on to be honest so no general anti-plod sentiment from me. I have a strong aversion to some of the bad apples who (rarely) let their service down like Harwood* and so on.

  11. Agreed about their professionalism in dealing with some horrendous situations.
    I get cheesed off at the emphasis made on ex-forces whenever a crime is committed so it's good to see a bit of balance.
    Anyway, glad your daughter is ok Slipperman.
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  12. far too nice, where are MUG, Biscuits AB, and Western..........
  13. You started it.
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  14. Sixty,
    She is spoken for and I couldn't possibly comment on my own daughter's "fitness" - no dualling banjos in our house! :)
  15. Yooohoooo!