Praise for military nurses

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by gooseman, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. About time too. How long has it taken our own Union to acknpwledge this? Where is the NMC? spending more money on decorating probably.
  2. I was at the conference in Harrogate and I agree military nurses do not get enough support or praise for what they do simply because that civvies don't fully understand what military nurses do and don't understand the military way of how things are done so they usually tend to ignore the value of what military nurses, sad really. I'm ex RAMC reg (CMT) and now a newly qualified nurse and unemployed at the mo. A suggestion maybe would be to explain to civvie nurses what mil nurses do, what programmes they are involved in and generally do some good PR for the armed forces. How do you find working with civvie nurses?
  3. Word for word same story appears in this weeks Nursing Standard
  4. They came out to the Hospital the other week and were very impressed with the work that the nurses do out here....

    I personally only ever get blood samples or other bodily fluids from them, pretty much the same as the UK, so I dont see what all the fuss is about ;)

    All joking aside though, the teams that are on here are very good at what they do and have had to deal with alot of trauma over the first 6 weeks of our tour, hopefully for all of us it will ease off.
  5. I completely sympathise. I mean, you're all on the Higher Pay Band, you get instant promotion to Corporal for just turning up, the treasury is throwing an FRI of £20k at you all if you just agree to do your jobs without whining too much for another four years... but the bastards won't say thanks and tell you how great you all are too?

    Mutiny, I tell you! Show the bastards who they're messing with!
  6. Steward, saucer of warm milk to the Sickbay please!