Prairie Thunder Cancelled??

Been hearing a lot of rumours that at least one of the prairie thunders has been sh1tcanned...can anyone confirm which ones/why theyve been cancelled?
Hope they don't scrap it. The weather and landscape makes it ideal for afghan training, and Edmonton is an awesome night on the piss.
Probably because each med man uses approximately 6million in ammo alone.

As for prarie thunder. Always saw that as for units who couldn't handle a med man.
Lashing down? That would indicate spring. There is winter and summer in Canada.
Yes mate. March is supposedly the most precipitous month which here in southern Alberta means snow. Hopefully it'll melt quick as, since October, my mountain bike has seen less action than John Waynes safety catch.
Rumour control has Prairie thunder 1 cancelled as the ground is too frozen to dig in targetry.

Also whispers going round that PT2 will be on SPTA.

Fat bloke down the pub said so must be true!


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It's been the worst winter in Alberta for 40 years. Under the huge amount of snow the ground is solid for the most part. The few tracks that have been cleared of snow are quickly reverting to boggy mud as the RE vehicles try and cross them whilst they're trying to sort the targetry. As the snow melts there is expected to be huge flooding across the prairie. The only people actually exercising would be the Reccy Mechs, and the vehicle fleet that has just been through WRP would be wrecked before they'd even had a full exercise.

So yes, PT1 is cancelled...
The med mans now are much more involved than when there were 7.

If it's as bad as legs has said then range clearance would not have been completed, so nothing can start until then.
Cracked up! - never heard that before, only explosive fishing.

PS Been out a long time .
One presumes you've never seen an RCK then, which is very much the posh end of the market or used to be.
<inserts tongue in cheek>
Modern posh probably involves a penetrating smart munition.
<removes tongue from cheek>
It's simply using HE to loosen ground to aid construction, different ground types pose different problems natch.

Not much on t'interweb, but mentioned here:-

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