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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Kola, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm an ex reg from the 90's looking to return to the TA.

    If I had my time again prior to my basic I'd have got as fit as I could and also done as much feild craft and anything else I could gety hands on prior to even getting on the train to basic.

    So this time around I'm looking at getting as fit and fam'ed as poss. Fitness and feildcraft are sorted but is there any replica sa80s out there I can do wepons drills on.

    I know this may seem keen n green but after 10 years of dull civvy life I am

    Anyone point me a direction here

    Please excuse any typos, I'm working from my phone here
  2. We used to use plywood cut out SA80s in Pirbright.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    You will get plenty of practise, with the latest drills, when you join.

  4. Wouldn't worry about it - it's like riding a bike, after a couple of lessons you'll be well on your way.

    Have you approached a unit yet, any forms filled in? You might be lucky and be able to get an evening or two in before you officially start.

    What trade, unit and area are you going for? Civ employer OK with it?

    Concentrate on your fitness for now - you'll have plenty of time to work on weapon handling.
  5. I'm starting basic in 7 weeks.

    What sort of field craft do you recommend to work on before Catterick?
  6. wet and cold ones
  7. I hadn't had hands on with one for 17 years, the drills had changed a bit too. Took no time to get back up to speed. Interestingly, I was there straight away with the GPMG!
  8. - perhaps you have got one in your shed...
  9. Hey guys, thanks for replies.

    I was more wanting a replica I could strip down etc and rebuild so it became second nature again. Sad as it sounds it would be fun too. I'm suprised no company makes such a product.

    I'm sure it will return as one member stated above like riding a bike. But as said I'd like as few suprised as poss this time thank you from experience.

    I'm going to go for 4 para and giving myself a full year to get in exceptional shape before I apply. I'm 36 now so it's a hard road ahead. But what worth acheiving in life isn't. Also as soon as you start using age as an excuse it's a slipery slope.

    Being able to do sa80 drills in the pitch black would be another step toward beign as prepared as I can be.

    (sorry if any typos - this damned phone!!! )
  10. shhhhhhh!
  11. Just being fit is all you need. If you want to buy a toy gat just buy one.
  12. Concentrate on the phys; you're much more likely to pass P Coy as the really fit bloke who has to relearn his weapons handling than the lardarse who knows all about rifles...

    Having said that, link.

    They do all sa80 family. but pricy and long delay, but the only people who do. aha
    I fancy one
  14. @ bravo

    ha ha. Great comment. Fitness isn't taking a back seat though. There's room for all.

    Can't see site you linked too :( this damn phone

    @ sid

    Looks like a drill rifle only mate. I'm after a one I can strip and re assemble unless I am missing somethng thanks to this phone I'm using.
  15. It's an online rifle trainer which outlines, amongst others, stripping and assembly, so it'll give you some idea. I think it needs Flash or Java or somesuch though, so it's one for the computer.