Practice Manager - Leicester

I am retiring at the end of Feb next year.
My job has been Practice Manager for a group of doctors in Leicester.
Good IT skills (databases, coding and basic maintenance)
You won't need an NHS background, I've been doing it for 14 years and I was ex R Sigs but you must be able to pick up on the government imposed targets to provide optimum health and admin care.
Would possibly suit an ex chief clerk as it is mainly paperwork and meeting deadlines (those used to getting paper cuts would fit in marvellously).
Also basic maintenance work such as changing lightbulbs (which is far beneath a doctor to do himself) and unblocking bogs which the great British public think is a funny thing to do.
Seriously, looking after a staff of just over 20 and coordinating rotas for 10 GPs and 6 nursing staff. Running the payroll (Sage computerised so no great dramas) and looking after the funds/stock purchase/payment of contracts/arranging insurances etc etc etc.
Pay will start at around 35k with annual increments.
Anyone interested can PM me and I will PM a job description

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