Practice manager for Belize

Calling all 2nd tour RAMC Practice managers out there interested in living the Caribbean lifestyle, pre hospital medical care, flying in and winching out of Bell 212 helicopters (the only place in the world the army do this) and running a small med centre of 25 staff looking after a permanent population of 95 men, women and children and anything up to 1000 exercising troops well look no further.

The British Army Training and Support Unit Belize will very soon be looking for a replacement practice manager for a 1–2 year tour, get your bid’s in quick to avoid disappointment.
Swop my practice in Somerset for APC. Is the Belikin beer factory still open? Raul's?

I presume you dont have to bother with bean counters,PBC, QOF, Enhanced Services and Extended hours. No PCT to prevent decent healthcare. Sounds ideal

Alternately you could look here

Give me £40kpa, 6 weeks leave, return flights for the family, a decent MQ and I might apply myself. I will only do a 4 day week by the way and why is a practice manager abseiling from a 212?

Belikin Beer and Raul’s are both very much open, clinical governance is in but mostly managed but the Dr and NO.
Normal leave entitlement, MQ’s are ok, kids under 18 fly for free.
Only extended hours are as duty medic which the PM does do as the number 2 to the Dr or NO hence the possibility of having to winch from the 212 into the jungle.

Hope that helps


War Hero
Sorry to disappoint, but I think you will find that this is already sewn up - no pun intended.....

Just APC doing their job :)

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