Practice AOSB Planning Exercises Needed

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by MrTing, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. My main board is coming up soon and would like to get some practice in on the planning exercise. Please send me anything you have.

  2. PM your email address and I'll send you what I have

  3. Can i PM you my email address as well to get some? As i found the Planex was the weakest part of my briefing, also do they come with model answers, so i can compare my answer with them?


  4. Hi. would i be able to get those planning exercises as well please?
  5. sunderlandsno9 - check your PMs :D
  6. Did you get fed up of searching for them?

  7. Gobby, I'd love a piece of that pie please mate!!
  8. Could I get a copy aswell
  9. Hi, I've got my officer AOSB briefing on 21-22 sept, need any planning exercises you guys have! Any help would be magic!
  10. I wouldn't go after the PlanExes for the haven't been told how to do them yet!

    Get them afterwards...I got them off Gobby only a couple of days ago and am going to be doing them gradually until my main board to get clued up again.

    They won't do you any good at all if you get into a habit of doing them incorrectly!
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  11. There's one on the AOSB website and then you get to do ANOTHER practise on your own at main board, with all the tutorials - don't get stressed about it! The one you get on main board is usually nails and I found a solution in the last little bit, whilst trying to memorise the scenario. They aren't looking for an answer per se, but your ability to think on your feet and do the maths and answer questions/memory recall under pressure.

    I just worked on my SDT and did the one on the website.
  12. Just got back from Briefing (4.5 hour drive!).

    Don't bother doing them beforehand, just have a rough understanding. The group leader will go through one to describe the process, then give you Scenario 2 to apply it to.

    I will try and upload the planex's I have later.
  13. How did you fair in your briefing?
  14. Cat 1 which I am very happy with, were you there?
  15. Major_C,

    How different is the one on the website / practise one's floating around to the ACTUAL one given, also are maps provided for the situations only I've heard you should 'sketch' a map, but I though Plan Ex's usually have a map of a given scenario provided..

    ..Your advice about working on arithmetic and Winter Aid sounds reasonable if the ones often swapped around aren't actually that tough in comparison (some of which seem hard enough!!!)