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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by uo1_rhino, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone refresh my memory about the various knots and pratical techniques we were taught at Briefing for the outdoor command tasks? I know they are not the assessed aspect of the task but its been a while...

    Thanks, much appreciated!
  2. Try this site.
  3. At briefing you were taught: reef knot, clove hitch, round-turn and two half hitches and the bowline.
  4. Why? :?
  5. They are the ones considered safe and practical for use on command tasks, or at least that's the theory.

    If something particularly adventurous was being attempted, the Group Leader stepped in to check the type and quality of knot being used.
  6. My deaf old lug 'oles have just detected the none-too-stealthy footfalls of the Elfin of Safety . . . . :roll:
  7. Haha, you should see how seriously they take stepping over fulcrums! The slightest infringement and it's back to the start, though in fairness I think it's as much about proving you can follow simple instructions as it is about safety.
  8. 1973 - final obstacle: solo effort - a ring on a pole (like a 5ft tall kids bubble-blower), and a small heap of ropes'n'stuff. TASK: Get through it less than x-seconds, without stepping inside the boundary, or making contact with the ring.

    Stonker's instant (and correct) solution? Dive through it, with no thought of injury, and land head first in a crumpled heap on t'other side.

    Are they still using that one? Or did the Elfin kill it off too . . .
  9. Oh dear. The bowline has traditionally been described as the knot that you tie around yourself as you are raised or lowered by others. Unfortunately, if used with a nylon (or other plastic) rope, it has a tendency to rotate and become a slip knot with potentially fatal consequences. There are many other knots that can take the place of the bowline which aren't dependent on the type of rope. Time for a change of teaching, methinks.
  10. Make sure your slick on the knots as it can make you look better than you are. In my group I was the only one to refresh how to tie them before arriving at MB, made me look like Mr Hands On, whilst everyone looked idle and got busy scoring points by shouting the good old, utterly useless, but timeless phases 'C'mon guys, were doing really well' and 'Nearly there guys'...

    Good luck
  11. I didn't need any knots apart from reef, so I guess it depends on what you are doing.
  12. Fair one, but for prospective MB candidates I would still suggest having a quick refresher with the others!
  13. Reef knot: standard, all purpose knot which sits flat and doesn't slip (unlike a granny)

    Clove hitch: attaches rope securely and tightly round a pole.

    Round turn and two half hitches: to attach rope to things when you can only manipulate one end of rope, and for attaching things to the person

    Bowline: loop less lethal than noose

    Honestly! Is no-one a Scout or a Guide these days?
  14. This seems like an excellent resource for knot tying. Very comprehensive.

    Knot tying link