Practical pressies for those in the Stan

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Plastic Yank, May 13, 2009.

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  1. ok, what should I be sending my mate? can you send cigars adn whiskey or will that get nicked!

    practical ideas please and no not porn!!
  2. No alcohol. Cigars will be ok.
  3. You can send booze, but decant it into a pop bottle or something, but it is illegal for him to drink it (be aware that some parcels are checked by the postal nazis so it may not get through). Cheese & Onion crisps worked for me, 'cos those Lays things are shoite. Toiletries as the EFI are ripping off w@nkers on that sort of stuff. Puzzle/crossword books will stave off boredom. Decent tea bags (Yorkshire Tea is nice) Cup'a'Soups, decent biscuits

    These are all the sorts of things that helped me out when I was over there.
  4. good ideas, many thanks
  5. Also, anything that is a bit 'luxury' will be good, After Eight chocs, that sort of stuff will always go down well.
  6. I used to love getting sent

    Olives, moralibo and lemon bonbons as well as some decent filter coffee with a small cafeteria thingy
  7. Couldn't agree more

    these are the canine's testes, your mate will be well chuffed with one of these and some decent filter coffee ----> Posh Coffee 'Canine's Testes' Mug linky
  8. agree to the coffee and choc is definitely a winner

    I am NOT sending him After 8's or Lemon bon bons! he may be Cav, but he's not that cav!

    next thing you'll be suggesting Ferroros Roche
  9. Maybe on a winter tour but not great at this time of the year. Temps of up to 50 degrees will remodel your After Eights into something altogether less attractive.

    Why the Army still includes Yorkies in rat packs eludes me. They're not easy to drink at the best of times...