Practical joke help needed.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by intergeri, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Last week after a conversation with my workmates, they all stated they had a good sense of humour so i thought i'd put it too the test. So on Monday week i left a message for one of them stating she was to phone a Mr Lyons in the morning and left a phone number under it (the number was for Edinburgh Zoo) She didn't speak to me for 3 days afterwards. Result!! Now the rest off them have said they thought it was really funny so i thought i'd find out. The best way to do it is phone messages and so far i have only come up with 2:

    Sue Nammy -number for local port authority,

    Hugh Jazz -the diet company that begins with the word weight??!!

    So help wanted, they can't be too obvious as it's better if they actually phone.
  2. A few years ago i murdered a bunch of prostitute's around the Ipswich area and pinned it on my mate Wrighty that'll teach him to put salt in my sugar bowl
  3. Aww, thought this was the kind of practical joke where you got hair removal cream to their 'nads, while they slept....

    Which might I add, is quite amusing. :twisted:
  4. a good one if you can get near their computer is to go into word autocorrect options- I think it is under Tools. Anyway autocorrect will change any word for something else when typed. I used to make it so when they typed a common word or even their name- it would change it to something like knobkjockey C8cksmoker etc. This is awesome if they are not that PC literate as they won't figure out how to change it or wtf is going on- it works accross the whole microsoft suite.

    If you cahnge a load- even if they find a few- they'l still be a few time bombs
  5. This is way too tame.

    Why not suggest that in view of the fact that street crime is on the up, she needs a rape alarm.

    When it’s close to going home time, simply push her into the bogs, stick a gag in her mouth and shag her violently over a basin.

    When you’ve finished your abuse of her lady parts you can then shout in her ear: ‘it’s six o’clock, you old slag’

    This is guaranteed to raise a titter in the typing pool
  6. Thunder flash, ISFE, Battery, trip switch and length of fishing line, drawers cupboards and under chairs a plenty of fun and laughs.
    Pull out thunder flash fuse and insert ISFE of course.
  7. Screenshot their PC desktop.

    Then delete all the icons on the desktop.

    Use the screenshot as wallpaper.
  8. That's fab and exactly what I'm looking for. I'd go with bigeye's option but as I don't have the genitalia to carry it out she may enjoy some dildo action!

    The word swapping option has me interested too, most of them rely on me to help with their computer malfunctions.
  9. Mike Hunt?
  10. That's definately getting done!
  11. terroratthepicnic

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    Another quick and easy one is to swap their left and right mouse buttons.
  12. The result of some terrible accident? How awfull..however what about a strap on. The 'Black Mamba' is a very popular choice I understand.
  13. I'm really Action Man. Have the swivel eyes and everything.
  14. Hugh Jarce - old bar trick. One has to be a little creative with this one. Phone your least favourite barman/woman:

    "Hello <name of bar>"
    "Hello, I wonder could you check if my mate Hugh's in the bar?"
    "OK, what's his other name"

    <Puts receiver down on bar>

    "Is there a Hugh Jarce in the bar!?!?"
  15. Why would you have your least favourite barman/woman's phone number? ;)

    Seeing as Bart Simpson's prank calls are what we're talking about, here's a list;