OK, this is one for those of you who've slow-marched up the steps of Old College and who laugh at RMAS as a load of actual job-unrelated sleep-deprivation nonsense. Practac, in inters: my old platoon tell me that as a whole, my intake was slammed for being weak at the orders process and weak on Practac generally.


Any tips?
Yep - don't sleep through the lecture called "From Theory to Practice" It is invaluable.

Other than that: combat estimate - 7Qs, spend 2/3rds of your available time on Q1. Work that out and the rest is easy.
- Use the format (estimate and orders).
- Don't try to be too clever.
- Remember that you are being tested on your understanding of, and your ability to use, the 7 Questions more in its whole form rather than intuitively (as you will use it when experienced and more knowledgeable).
- Don't forget a bit of theatre: confidence counts for a lot and the lines should trip off your tongue (rehearsals will help).
- Make yourself a master of the [low level] tactics and doctrine that you are likely to use to solve the problem (use the Electronic Battle Book to print out and revise relevant sections of Company Group Fundamentals and Pl Tactics - this will remind you of the key factors to be considered).
- Sell yourself.
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