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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. Being a mong of the highest order, I recently failed PRACTAC 1, due to poor time management and generalised idiocy.

    I would be tremendously grateful if anyone could point me towards some sample exercises, so I can practise at home; I'll sit under the shower with a broken pencil while my girlfriend reads out the 1Up's orders at ridiculous speed...

  2. Get a dictaphone from argos. Cheap and cheerful for about a tenner. Helps no end in the orders process cos you can just play back all the guff at your own speed
  3. Seven Questions. 40 minutes. Be disciplined with the way you allocate your time, and make sure you (a) read the scenario properly the night before (there is no excuse for not knowing what a BMP-1 is, for instance), (b) come up with a plan based on sensible analysis. If you're worried about it, speak to your Pl Comd for specific points as they will have read your mark sheet and will know how and why you slipped up first time. Fear not - very few fail twice.

    Don't get bogged down in looking for 'practice papers' - talking about the process with someone who understands it well (preferably DS - that's what they're paid for!) will be far more useful.

    Failing PRACTAC does not make you a bad person (unless you failed the drill test as well, in which case you're beneath contempt).
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    Apologies for being a bit late here and to the author of this document, as I am not able to credit them for it.

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  5. hello, i tried to look at this doc, and there doesnt seem to be anything there??? is this just me!! haha any help on this matter would be tip top
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    Do you have acrobat reader or foxit installed?

  7. i will double check but think so.
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    Work fine for me...
  9. bingo needed to update it thanks for your help