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  1. Army jobs on Facebook has just announced para time to go from 9:40 to 10:00 minutes no linky as of yet, any thoughts?
  2. It was 9:30, in boots, when I joined!!
  3. Could it be a recruitment thing? As in not enough bods wanting to get in as they can't be bothered to knock the time down and are joining else where? Or they think that P-company can be completed with a slower run time if the bloke shows more grit?
  4. Why should they drop standards? PRAC is there to weed out the non hackers
  5. I'm not saying they should, I am saying they HAVE dropped the time according to the army Facebook page
  6. Next thing you know you'll believe everything you read on ARRSE :)
  7. I dont believe nothing I'm told I mostly posted it too see if anyone can confirm it and too see there thoughts on it. Mostly intrigued on why they are said to be dropping it in the first place, I'm going Rifles so don't effect me in the slightest.

  8. According to the Army Facebook Page?

    The Army Facebook Page, for fucks sake!

    Oh well......it's got to be true then, if its on there!

    You ******* mong!!!!:frustrated:
  9. Yes according to the Army Facebook page :O did I say it was gospel ? No I didn't, I was passing information on which to me is perfectly reasonable and what is wrong with the Army Facebook page? Every time I've needed something sorted with my application they've helped in anyway they can.
  10. Oh! in that case, cancel the Mong then & replace it with, Total Twat!!:clown:
  11. It's in the name! Enjoy....
  12. That's highly dissapointing. What happened to the paras being the envy of many a infantryman.
  13. To be honest mate the run time doesn't really mean much :/ There's still the 4mile familiarisation run and steeplechase at PRAC to sort people out. Besides it's P Coy that separates them from the rest, not the selection.

  14. Nah, the Commando course does brother.... :)