PR for the USA "IRA style"

How bizarre that since September the 11th, the IRA and other NI terrorist organisations have becomel willing to make those big sacrifices for the press.  

Think of how lovely it will look on CBS and CNN for them to say sorry to the families of all the civilian casualtys they have caused in NI and here on the mainland in places like Warrington, Manchester, etc, etc.

Even though they have spent the last thirty years indiscriminatly killing anyone just for propaganda i am sure that the mothers of all the murdered children, mothers, fathers will just, flop over and say "ok, we forgive you".  Hmmm really.

Lets see this farce for what it is, the IRA are papping themselves and have lost their supporters in the wake of the terrorist attacks upon America.  False tears do not bring back the dead even the yanks are not that naive to believe this.

To the memory of the people we never brought home and your own memorys fellow board members.  


I am NOT condoning/supporting the IRA in any way but can't help thinking that they have been somewhat forced into this apology.  

I believe that the apology is supposed to have something to do with teh anniversary of Bloody Friday but surely that was last week?  However, there was a debate on the Peace Process in the House Of Commons yesterday and El Presidente (Phony Tony) was able to make a statement that he had some activity to report on behalf of the IRA.  

This apology was purely a response to a request from Tony.
It's difficult how you can see this as anything but a despearet attempt by the IRA to take the heat of them since their recent "holiday" to Columbia and "work experience" with those secret documents, and something makes me think they <shock horror> don't actually mean it. Or is it just me?
That sincere apology to those "non-combatants" referred to in the statement.  Do you think that includes the many part-time UDR/R Irish soldiers murdered while in their day jobs?  Bitter?  Moi?!!    :'(


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Just another example of President Tony trying to be an 'international statesman', I'm afraid.  And, unfortunately, given historical examples, Gerry A is onto a good thing.  Look at all the 'former' terrorists who 'made good' in international terms - Menachim Begin (Stern gang, murdering British Soldiers, Palestine), Makarios (EOKA, Ditto, in Cyprus), Jomo Kenyatta (Mau-Mau, Ditto, Kenya), DeValera (IRA, Ditto, Ireland), even the great St. Mandela was a convicted bomber.  Who says crime doesn't pay?

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