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PQO (NYQ) ??

This may be the place for this post or perhaps TA board would have been better.
Anyway - just starting 4th med school and have sent away papers for the local Field Hospital still waiting for security check etc. Met the RRRWO who said that i'd be classed as a Professionally Qualified Officer (Not Yet Commissioned). Can anyone shed any light on this? I did have a look around the forum but I don't think its been raised. How does it fit in with the standard methods of commissioning into TA, is it actually a rank?
Any info much appreciated.
Christ, I'll bet that's a great job. :roll:

I don't know what the answer to your question is. A few years ago we used to have med students in as OCdts until qualified then they went through the usual commissioning route. However, I do know that 2 Med Bde were thinking of changing all that - ho ho - but I'm not sure what the outcome was, if any.

Doesn't really answer your question though - sorry!
MadMedic3858 said:
Professionally Qualified Officer (Not Yet Commissioned).
I think he may have said Professionally Qualified Officer (Not yet Qualified). Just a term used by 2 Med Bde to keep a track on people like yourself who are non-deployable until you gain registration.

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