PQO for registered nurses - Help and advice!

Just to answer my own question in case anybody is interested: Seems like I can't get past the central Army recruitment bods who have decreed that 33 is the age limit, and no I bloody well may not join if I'm 33 years and 9 months old by the time I've got two years of clinical experience.

I am not, however, giving up that easily. The age limits are higher for TA, so I'm going to try for a place among the reservists. If I can go from there to the regular army (I've asked in the TA forum) in the fullness of time, then great - If not, I'll still be proud to serve part-time. I'm also seriously considering approaching QARANC directly... And praying that the age limit goes up.
Google 203 field hospital.

Go and have a chat.

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