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PQO for registered nurses - Help and advice!

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Custador, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm about to qualify as a nurse (mature student), and am intending to apply to QARANC via the PQO route as soon as I'm eligible (i.e. in two years' time). So: I know I can be a nurse, but what do I need to do in the next two years to make sure I can be an officer?

    I'll be 33 years old by the time I'm eligible, which I know would rule me out of joining as a soldier, but I can't find any age limits for entering as an officer - Anybody know if there's a limit, or if my application will be viewed unfavourably because of my age?

    Aside from the obvious fitness work (I've dropped five stones in three years, so I don't doubt my ability to get in shape), I'm starting to cram British military history and modern battle tactics; I figure I'll need to learn the theory behind good leadership, orienteering, and generally get in the habit of adopting a military bearing in my day to day. Oh, I was a first class shot with .22, LSW and GP rifles in cadets, plus I'm a country boy who grew up around firearms, so I have no worries about weapons handling.

    I'm on cardio over-drive and have ordered soldier 95 boots and a daysack which I can load up to 60lbs for hill walking (yay for living in South Wales).

    Basically, I'm looking for a mentor!
  2. Seems like I'll be a cinch to get in then - QARANC must be bloody short-staffed :p
  3. Just to answer my own question in case anybody is interested: Seems like I can't get past the central Army recruitment bods who have decreed that 33 is the age limit, and no I bloody well may not join if I'm 33 years and 9 months old by the time I've got two years of clinical experience.

    I am not, however, giving up that easily. The age limits are higher for TA, so I'm going to try for a place among the reservists. If I can go from there to the regular army (I've asked in the TA forum) in the fullness of time, then great - If not, I'll still be proud to serve part-time. I'm also seriously considering approaching QARANC directly... And praying that the age limit goes up.
  4. Google 203 field hospital.

    Go and have a chat.
  5. Sound advice. I shall.
  6. Thanks Tobers. As I said in the other thread, according to the QARANC guy I was chatting to, the central recruiting bods were talking cobblers - The age limit for PQO is 39.