PQO/EOC Fitness Requirements


Need some advice. Am due to attend EOC in the new year, and just received the joining instructions. They state that 'students must attain a high level of fitness prior to starting the course'. Can somebody please tell me what the standard of fitness required is?

Whilst I am not unfit...and regularly exercise / play sport...I would not class myself as an athlete! Need to set my mind at rest and have some idea what sort of prep I need to do over the xmas period. I wouldn't like to fail the course because I didn't do enough prep.

Thanks in advance! :?
If you can walk at a pace, with haste to get to the front of the queue for meals - then you shouldnt have a problem!!

seriously - if reasonably fit then you'll do fine. you dont need to be superhuman


Newbie_Doc said:
I would not class myself as an athlete

fat knacker then :lol:

no, honestly, if you do the amount of fitness you are doing now (which is probably more than most people are doing any way) you should not have a problem.

My tip over the christmas period would be to enjoy yourself, do not eat too many mince pies, and don't stress about your fitness. 3-4 runs a week during this period should keep of the pounds and keep your fitness at an acceptable level.
The phys at Sandhurst is not hard at all. They don't thrash you, rather give you introductions into the different types of PT. The schedule on this phase is pretty tight so a good level of fitness will allow you to be that little bit sharper when you are tired and cold.

As reccomended above, enjoy Christmas and do a normal amount of PT before getting to Keogh. Have fun; I did :D
Just finished the EOC and agree with all the above - the PT at Sandhurst was pitched at the lowest level and was "This is how you do it now go and sort yourselves out."

That said, the fitter you are the easier and more enjoyable you'll find it all.

Feel free to PM me if you've got any other queries.