pqo course

Apologies cos I bet this crops up all the time..

am hoping someone can give me a first hand account of the 4 week pqo course at rmas...

i've read all the literature on what its about/what the objectives are but was hoping for the insiders view from someone..

frankly - i'm more than a bit nervous at the prospect of doing this course (probably just in culture shock terms) and just wanted to know whether its a baptism of fire or whether its more of a gentle slide into military life- if that makes any sense to anyone?!

turn up, swan around, go to Keogh, back to Sandbags and have a bit of a parade, thats about it really.
so nothing to worry about then? excellent news.

now i just need to decide if i can cope with the uniforms and i'll be away..

thanks filbert.
my pleasure, the lunch after the pass off parade is very nice.
EOC Dinner Night at Keogh is a winner!

Other than that - do everything you're told to and you'll be fine. If you're a doc, you're far too valuable to bin on anything but a major disciplinary so they'll do anything they can to get you through.

Just throw yourself into it with enthusiam and as much of a sense of humour as you can raise and you'll be fine. As IF says do what you are told and don't whinge when your'e p****d off!

The instructors I had from Dettingen Coy were brilliant and did everthing they could to get the best out of you. It isn't difficult and you should enjoy it. Well, I did anyway!
cheers muchly for the responses..

not a medic but a lawyer...

still teetering on the crossroads about whether to stay in private practice or whether i should get out and use my qualifications for something completely new (and useful) while i still can...

my main worry being that while i think i'll find the work much more stimulating and i would see 'the point' of it much more than say, advising companies on how best to sack people, i might not have a 'military' outlook on all things..

(which is clearly a massive factor!!)

but thanks for your time guys..
fecks sake..

am used to the usual reaction when i tell people what i do- as in "riiiiiiggggght, well, it was nice meeting you..."

but now i feel even worse than before about this course..!

my job= social curse.
is this a wah?

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