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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by cheetarah, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Apologies cos I bet this crops up all the time..

    am hoping someone can give me a first hand account of the 4 week pqo course at rmas...

    i've read all the literature on what its about/what the objectives are but was hoping for the insiders view from someone..

    frankly - i'm more than a bit nervous at the prospect of doing this course (probably just in culture shock terms) and just wanted to know whether its a baptism of fire or whether its more of a gentle slide into military life- if that makes any sense to anyone?!

  2. turn up, swan around, go to Keogh, back to Sandbags and have a bit of a parade, thats about it really.
  3. so nothing to worry about then? excellent news.

    now i just need to decide if i can cope with the uniforms and i'll be away..

    thanks filbert.
  4. my pleasure, the lunch after the pass off parade is very nice.
  5. right, well that settles it then..i'm there!
  6. EOC Dinner Night at Keogh is a winner!

    Other than that - do everything you're told to and you'll be fine. If you're a doc, you're far too valuable to bin on anything but a major disciplinary so they'll do anything they can to get you through.

  7. Just throw yourself into it with enthusiam and as much of a sense of humour as you can raise and you'll be fine. As IF says do what you are told and don't whinge when your'e p****d off!

    The instructors I had from Dettingen Coy were brilliant and did everthing they could to get the best out of you. It isn't difficult and you should enjoy it. Well, I did anyway!
  8. cheers muchly for the responses..

    not a medic but a lawyer...

    still teetering on the crossroads about whether to stay in private practice or whether i should get out and use my qualifications for something completely new (and useful) while i still can...

    my main worry being that while i think i'll find the work much more stimulating and i would see 'the point' of it much more than say, advising companies on how best to sack people, i might not have a 'military' outlook on all things..

    (which is clearly a massive factor!!)

    but thanks for your time guys..
  9. Oh, well. No one gives a sh*t, then. You're doomed. And you can forget about dinner at Keogh, too...



  10. yeah- had a feeling i shouldn't have 'fessed up to that one..!
  11. You could make it worse by saying you were a journalist too!!! :wink:
  12. fecks sake..

    am used to the usual reaction when i tell people what i do- as in "riiiiiiggggght, well, it was nice meeting you..."

    but now i feel even worse than before about this course..!

    my job= social curse.
  13. out of interest is there any difference between the regular PQO course and the TA one?
  14. is this a wah?
  15. nope perfectly serious question - I know they're both 4week courses. Do the regulars and TA doctors complete the course together?