I'm about to start the process that should see me, after 2 decades in the TA (8 as QARANC NO), become a Reg QA NO.

As the selection process for the QAs is largely an individual one (letter and CV to AMD, acquaint visit, application, AOSB) there is no specific sponsor as such for top tips and useful info.

Can anyone oblige?

As you have already alluded to, you will, if they like your CV, be invited to a overnight stay at HQ AMS. There you will have an informal interview, a nurse specific chat about what to expect, and on the last afternoon a very comprehensive AOSB briefing. On my visit the brief was done by a QA education bod, ie of the kind that sits on the board itself. It's worth taking a notebook as you will be told everything you need to do in order to pass.
Or it could have all changed in the years since I went.
There is also a run down on the QA AOSB itself on the Army website.
I've got the invite to the Acquaint Visit, but it's only been billed as a meet and greet with no commitment - so you're confirming there's no such thing as a free lunch and there's interview(s) albeit informal. Any other hidden gems I need to be aware of?

There is no commitment, I did not apply, but if you do apply you should have all the info and tips you need already in the bag. Yes the interview was a little surprise, it is very informal though, just a quick look over your cv, tot up your potential seniority, why are you interested? That sort of thing, only lasted 10 mins from what I remember, and then back to the bar. When's your visit?
Take note of what you are told on the Acquaint, especially about the AOSB, and dont get too leathered at the dinner and in the bar and make a chopper of yourself, these things are remembered.
Good luck
Thanks everyone,

application now busy being written - all 22 pages of it!

I received at my TA PQO course a handout entitled 'to be an officer' - does anyone have a copy? Mine went awol with a potential officer (since left)

Also, regarding the EOC - what day(s) off do you get and when, to get home to wife & kids?
EOC - 1 week induction at DMSTC (kit issue, drill, kit maintenance etc), straight into 4 weeks at RMAS - v. little time off. Followed by 5 weeks EOC Ph 2A back at DMSTC (weekends off) then 2 weeks QARANC EOC Ph 3 at Gosport.
Expect to not see your wife and children for the first 5 weeks.
Could somebody please clarify what exactly is involved in the PQO AOSB as I have mine next week!
All I have been told is that it runs for 2 and a half days and we have to have an interview and PFA. I know what is normally involved in AOSB but how is this one different?

Really appreciate any help!
Which part of the week are you on? There's a couple of us on the second part of the week this week. The AOSB is the same format as all boards bleep test, leaderless command tasks, command tasks with leader, personal obstacle course, planning exercise, essay, 5 minute lecturette on a chosen topic from CV, verbal numerical and abstract reasoning test and group discussions.
I think that's pretty much it just don't forget your extended CV! Good luck!

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