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Is it just me or has this now been completely taken over by the crabs.  Oh for the good old days of all that Lynx v Gazelle banter, well ok the good old days of Gazelle pilots beingf put in their proper place!
Totally agree old bean, bloody Crab chappies wanting to talk technical or whine about there lot (Exercise hotels downgraded to 3* because of budgetary restraints). Stuff the lot of them and get back to the side splitting, whitty sparring between those fine fellows who have been selected to fly the twin engined beast and those who couldn'y make the grade and have stayed with the chicken leg trainer!
Dont you think some of them have had a sense of humour transplant , judging by some of the serious answers to pi$$ taking questions.
Still,its almost as much fun as floppy baiting,

Oh how we swooned as the mighty bird went past,oh how we gasped at the noise of his four engines,oh how we laughed as the prat fell off the ramp and broke his ankle!!!


I don't think its an either/or thing.... just go for it
Mind you if you are taking the mickey out of either of them better make the words short and the concepts easy otherwise they won't notice!
Howdy, murph, Frdj, Chrisrobin, Sumo, Onya and to the floppy puke whose name evades me (not relevant, as usual).

It's nice to see the old gang back in town. So where shall we start?
This should not include any blouse wearing, squat to wee wee khaftan wearing psuedo Floppy people (this includes retreads to Lynx as you don't count because you were told to fly the beast as opposed to being selected from the master race in the first place). In my humble and diplomatic opinion, they still whine just as much!

Murph, no boots yet? Got the piccies, t"*t, nice pool!
What else is there to do but whinge in Crab-Air, they don't have the diversity of nee'r-do-wells that we have in the Inf/Cav, let alone the in-breeding. Almost as bad as 4 Regt :eek:

Pity that Mil A/c forum has all but lost it's way (and characters) in the past year.
ahhhhhhh, a green haven, perhaps I will start posting again !!!!, as long as no one called beagle logs in.

Nice to see all the twin engine torque meisters in, all you araldite pursuit-ship drivers can all quiche my butt!!!

Banter I live for it.

Regards N Genfire
some bloke in the bar the other night said pprune was just a snco and crab whinge site anyway, so hopefully he won't show his ugly mug in here!

engine, i'll make a start but it may take some time to finish  ;D
NGen...I thought you lived for beer and pies, not Banter  ???

Glad to see you made it accross..did you get my email Fri?
1 engine requires half a brain.  ;)

Only one thing worse than being built in yeovil.................being French ;D

You may have twice as many blades, but do you know how to use them ?

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