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Same here

Not a sad loss at the minute mind, unless you are inlove with the Yanks of the Israeli's
What has hapened to it?

Should we make a forum for all the homeless Crabs? :)
PPRuNe was seriously hacked into by some people in Taiwan :eek:

The server had to be removed.
They are rebuilding databases etc, should be on later today.

Sheesh - and there was me thinking The Guv was with the police in this country.
Oh Yipee!  :-/

I see certain statements made, which may or may not have contributed to the first attack, are still in place.
Like I care any longer?


Im here again spouting dribble about your members, all of which unqualified and trivial

I will learn that I can only do that on my own site and that it wont be tolerated anywhere else.

I should also learn to refrain from slating peoples experience as I was only a teaboy int he IDF
Not open for further replies.
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