PPrune Redux

So where is Danny's original post?  ???
Any danger of seeing it in me inbox?  ;D
Oh you know it was just the usual I can piss further than you garbage I usually come out with. You can count on me to bore every one half to death with tales of tea making for the Israeli army.....whilst wishing I had the balls to do a bit. The only Galil I saw was when the big boys with hooked noses came back from Ops and made me clean thier guns. :-[
I notice that someone has removed my post where I offered to show the jumped up little fcukwit midget cargo sh1t flier the finer arts of etiquette.

I also note that the comments that he made about  

“why don't you come to a PPRuNe Bash and you can "have a pop" at me. Yeah... you and your mummy no doubt. Typical chickensh!t talk from a penpushing 'soldier' who doesn't have the cojones to back up his fighting talk. I'll bet your idea of having a pop at me is to creep up behind me, anonymously, hit me with your handbag and then run away shrieking and panicking”

have been left here.

Now remind me, didn’t I mention somewhere that eventually any anti Midget posts on here would get modified whilst the poison dwarf is free to practice his own form of Nazism on our means as well?

Perhaps he has a group of scared sycophants hiding over here as well.
Is it off the air again?
Has he upset those nasty Taiwanese chaps again ;D

Or maybe he has banned all Arrse members :eek:


Nah, he's been busy, so unable to maintain the site -

(Front row, left hand side)  ;D  ;D


This was posted on Pprune this morning and I thought I would post it here

posted 29th May 2003 09:26                
Hidden Marketing - Data Collection
To all my colleagues

I was somewhat unhappy to discover that Pprune is using the Avenue A, Inc SpyBot (http://www.avenuea.com) to collect commercial data not only on EVERYBODY that enters this forum but also, in addition, on every move that anyone makes to any other areas in the forum.

This is an invasion of privacy and should be the subject of a disclaimer on entry with an 'Opt out' button available should the member wish to be excluded.

The very least there should be is an explanation as to why this SpyBot is being employed and to what purpose this data is being collected/used.

Who pissed in Danny's (advertisment paid) Kellogg's Cornflakes (TM) this moring?
Perhaps that chip on that shoulder had grown so big it has crushed the wee man, although I think a mountain would need to come a tumbling down to crush his ego ;D

Oh and lifesaver, thats a DC-10 not a 747, or should I not be a pedantic t@#t and go and F@#k myself ;D
should I not be a pedantic t@#t and go and F@#k myself
You might as well, it's the only "promise" you'll ever get  ;D

Sorry, shall we return to the topic of slagging PPRuNe and not divert our energies by turning on each other (even if it is MDN and he deserves it!)


As per normal Danny has posted a reply in his usual unelegant fashion.

posted 29th May 2003 11:36                  

What a load of utter b@ll@cks! PPRuNe does not use any spyware. All PPRuNe uses is cookies so that next time you log in your computer will tell you which threads and posts are new since you last logged in.

Get a life and do a bit of research before you go around casting those sort of conspiracy theories. An advertiser may set their own cookie but as for using something that tracks where you have been on PPRuNe...

Like I need the extra bandwidth and server load of keeping track of what thread 35,000+ people a day are reading!  The product you have referred to is probably something one of the advertisers uses to track you if you visit their website and it will be able to verify that you came from PPRuNe but that's it.

Grow up and if you are going to post this kind of rubbish then at least do it in the Computers & Internet forum!
Well, that's interesting.

Here's how to find out.

1. The simple way

Open the PPrune home page, and "Hover" the mouse pointer over any advert on the page
You'll notice, that in the bottom left corner, a line of text appears, starting with http://www.oz.valueclick.com

2. The harder way

a. Download and install Spybot.
b. Clear your internet caches, including everything in the temporary caches.
c. Set www.pprune.org as your home page
d. Run spybot, and "Fix" everything it finds
e. Reboot computer
f. Restart the Internet browser, Pprune is now your home page
g. Run spybot again, and this is what you get , or at least, I did

Pprune site cookie

Valueclick cookie

Avenue A . Inc cookie

Read ROI Measurement under "advertising solutions" , especially what "etrax" is all about.

The phrases that leap out here are
1. Web-wide behavioural analysis  - can you say "Persistent cookie"?
2. Site-specific behavioral analysis - So it will track you round a site.

Get a life and do a bit of research before you go around casting those sort of conspiracy theories. An advertiser may set their own cookie but as for using something that tracks where you have been on PPRuNe...  
Well that's odd Danny, because both these companies can and do. Whether of course, they have deployed this on PPrune is another matter of course.


Interesting find PTP.
I dont think you will get a reply from Danny on here as I copied and pasted his reply to the thread at Pprune and put it on here.
Maybe Danny is a Mossad agant gathering intel on the activities of the enemy, Imperialist, anti-American, ARRSE fraternity  ???

I wonder if the thought occurs that if he wasn't as abusive and condescending to people he would get so much stick in return?

All he needed to say was "no, this site doesn't use the software per se, but that's not to say that the advertising banners don't because that's how they gather marketing information". Just like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tine, and no-one feels hacked off at being accused of being a no-life waster.

And then ask another question....why did all of the AAC guys stop using PPRuNe 2 years ago, and why have most of them turned up here? Answers on a postacrd please to:

"We don't log onto a website in our own time to be abused" Competition
Room 101
1 PPRuNe Monitoring Div

Nahhhh it's back up again Packard. I know this, because there's a bloke on the current affairs thread, who's saying that the WMD's have been found, and they're even now photographing it, blair will make an announcement soon
Someone go on and suggest that the Israelis planted them and that Tel Aviv should be the next city on the plan, and once taken handed over to the Saudi's to police. That should get a reaction  ;D
Mind you, after Bush43's comments about Israel pulling their finger out and giving the palestinians a country today, he'd better be careful he doesn't get :

1. A handy, refrigerated ,Harry Munk covered dress turning up out of the blue

2. A "Fcuk off, strong e-mail follows" from the genial host of aforesaid aviation forum

I note with not inconsiderable distress, that Mr. Google is back, cutting and pasting like a Demon billboarder  :mad:

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